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Session Insights Without the Session

Ready to get your manifesting game on? These three questions can instantly reveal your vibrational gap and point the way to what’s needed next in creating what you want.

In fact, these three questions can help you get so LOA smart you can skip the session with your manifesting coach and keep the game-changing insights!

Not that it isn’t fun to talk it through with someone else, but if you’re ever confused about why your manifesting game on a particular desire isn’t progressing and you’d like to have a clear path forward, consider these questions:

  1. What do I want?
  2. What’s my current vibration on the subject?
  3. What have I done to align with that desire so far?

Let’s take these one at a time to reveal the power of each of these questions:

1. What do I want?

A lot of times we aren’t operating with clarity about what we want. We just know we don’t want this. Or we for sure don’t want that to happen.

But we aren’t so clear what we actually want.

Maybe we’re nervous to declare it, or maybe we just haven’t thought about it.

Taking the time to get clear about what you want is the first step to getting your manifesting game on. That desire can be a material thing, an experience, a feeling, or all of the above.

A clear target of desire is your friend in getting your best manifesting skills in gear!

2. What’s my current vibration (on the subject)?

How have you been feeling about this desire you hold?

Have you been entertaining doubts or gremlin fears? Have you been struggling to figure it out or make it happen? Perhaps frustrated it hasn’t happened yet?

Those are common responses from creators who aren’t seeing movement toward their desire.

Sometimes just getting clear on how you’ve been feeling about it reveals why you’re not seeing more progress. (I.e. frustrated vibes don’t lead to satisfying results. Taking action from contrast doesn’t take us where we want to go.)

Recognizing what your current energetic signature is can reveal massive insights about why you are where you are.

Just remember: we can’t manifest what we aren’t vibrating.

Thus the final question, once you know what you want and what your vibration is on it …

3. What have I done to align (with that desire) so far?

How are you coming into alignment with that desired result? Put another way, what are you actually doing in terms of moving your vibe to match what you want?

This question asks in what ways are you feeling now how you would feel then (when you have what you want). That’s all vibration management is: finding ways to feel better first.

And there are a ton of fun practices and techniques to achieve that.

Answering those three questions can clear up a lot of session requests in my inbox!

I offer these to help you get super insightful and savvy about the current status of your manifesting game.

And if you still would like outside eyes on what you’re up to with your reality-creating powers, it’s still my pleasure to be your LOA coach. 🙂





  • November 6, 2021
  • Lyn Raward says:

    Soooo good to get a quick reset. I love your vibe And so do my purple spotted dalmatians.

  • Donna says:

    Still love that declaration… “because I said.”
    Thank you Jeannette ❤️

  • Anne M. Robertson says:

    Ho , ho, “Because I said” I LOVE that

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