The Magic of Pray Rain Journaling

Turn your vibe around today!

This is my best-selling ebook even though you don’t have to read it in order to start practicing this manifesting magic …

It’s what I was taught for making big things happen, and it’s what I used to build my coaching business, to conjure new love interests, to manifest a dream home (on 3 acres in the mountains with a menagerie of animals), and more. It’s also what Oprah invited me out to share with her audience on her law of attraction special.

When it really matters, I pull out a new journal. That’s how powerful this practice is. Pray rain journaling is where you write a page a day every day as if your dream were a done deal.

The amount of email I get from pray rain journalers sharing their newest successes with me is testimony to how well this manifesting technique works. I intend it does wonderful things for you, too!