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They Can’t Give What We Don’t Vibrate

When I tried to make an upset girlfriend feel better last weekend, and all my efforts were for naught, I remembered of course she can’t feel better while she’s doing upset …

I can’t change how she feels, and no amount of good news or happy solutions can defy her vibration of choice.

(She would probably say it wasn’t her choice to feel upset; it’s just a natural result of what was happening in her life. And I certainly wouldn’t argue with her since she’s upset enough already.)

Then when another friend complained that his doctor wasn’t giving him the answers he needed, so he was going to find a new doctor, I bit my tongue and did not share that another doctor probably can’t help, either. At least, not until he shows up with a different vibration.

Because as long as he’s flowing the “no answers, waste of time, too much useless testing” vibration, he’s only going to get more of that no matter where he goes. He’s asking a doctor to give him something he doesn’t know how to have.

And yes, it’s true that sometimes taking action can help soothe a bad vibe. But if we aren’t deliberate about shifting focus when we get that opening, sooner or later our dominant vibe reasserts itself and we’re right back to whatever feelings we’ve known so well (upset, frustration, whatever).

So just as I was feeling superior for my LOA savviness, I noticed where I had been doing the same thing not that long ago …

Our community is pretty dug in on resistance to development as well as frustration with decision makers who allow it, and I had been party to that opposition for a fair amount of time.

(I’ve made good progress in changing my perspective, and as a result have already seen lots of improvement reflecting my vibrational progress!)

But I spent my share of time in pushing against and mad about and trying to put an end to.

And as long as my neighbors and community continue to rail against what they don’t want, they can’t get what they do want. The system doesn’t work that way.

That’s why I’ve been thinking lately about how they can’t give us what we’re not the vibration of. The doctors can’t deliver health when we’re dialed on problems; the friends can’t do anything right when someone feels the world is wrong; the developers can’t scale back plans while everyone knows they’re out of control. It just doesn’t work that way.

We can’t get what we’re not the vibration of.

If I want peace, I have to find that first. If I want love, I get to lead the way. If I want enjoyment, that’s my cue to go first!

Whatever we want, it’s smart to find the vibe first. That’s the LOA savvy move.

When you lead the way with what you want to feel, the world will find a way to morph and match you.

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  • July 9, 2022
  • Anne M Robertson says:

    True that. Nobody can give you what you are out of vibrational tune with. Sometimes you just have to wallow in feeling bad (until you get bored—and some people enjoy the wallowing much as they “enjoy” ill health because they get a hidden pay-off so why would they want to be well? Think about it. If you get to have people do things for you because…subconsciously you are going to vibrate ill health because it allows you to ask for things you won’t normally. You could do that anyone from being happy and well, but somehow we just believe we can’t and the Universe delivers just what you asked for–more ill health, or whatever)
    However, once you notice what you are doing you quit it, reach for the better feeling thought and vibrationally “match” what you really want. Nobody’s perfect, but we do know what to do when we “catch” ourselves out after all

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