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This Is How It Works

How Law of Attraction WorksYou know how Abraham says that when you shift the vibe you’ll be inspired to new actions?

Here’s a story about that.

This summer I got a new scale.

Isn’t it delightful?!

There are no numbers – just words. Good words, like Perfect, Ravishing, Gorgeous, etc.

It’s like having a magic mirror on the wall tell you how beautiful you are every day. Can you imagine?! It’s fabulous!

Sometimes I stand on it twice a day.

It supports the self-love and it makes me smile. And sometimes giggle out loud.

I love it so much I’ve raved about it on facebook and at GVU.  Everyone who comes over has to stand on it.  It makes them smile, too.  I’ve bought scales for friends so they can experience the same delights.

So you can see I’m really loving this scale that tells me how beautiful I am every day.

Actually, it wasn’t beautiful, it was Sexy. I was weighing in at Sexy very consistently.

Until it started moving towards Attractive. For a while I was part Sexy, part Attractive.

When I would stand on it I’d say out loud, “Let’s see how Sexy you are today, girlfriend.” When it would register closer to Sexy, I’d say, “Ooooh, getting sexier!!  You Sexy girl, you!”

And when it would say more Attractive, I’d say, “Oh, you’re getting more Attractive! woo hoo!!”

It literally didn’t matter if it went up, down, or stayed the same – it was all good! You can feel how nice that vibe is, right?  Unconditional love for my physical self.  Right.  It’s a good vibe.

Then I went to Washington D.C. to hang out with my favorite girlfriend, Michele Woodward, for her Revenue Rocks program.

Four days with Michele and those amazing coaches in that fascinating city did something for me. It was like four days of heaven.

Except the kind of heaven where they don’t serve chocolate. Which doesn’t sound right, does it? A heaven without chocolate? But there I was. Loving life without chocolate.

When I got home I noticed I wasn’t indulging in chocolate – or any sugar – the way I used to.

It was kind of weird.

But I respected it. Tastes change, I figured.

And then my scale started moving past Attractive towards Hot.

Which means my new jeans are too big. I even tried shrinking them in the wash. Still too big.

Super interesting, because I’d been manifesting weight loss a couple years ago, before I realized my attachment to results was keeping it from happening.  And here with this scale and some other self love practices I got to a place where I loved ‘what is’ no matter what.  Sure enough, things started getting even better.

This is exactly what Abe tells us. When the vibe shifts (whether you do it on purpose or not), the inspirations change.

I remember hearing them say when our vibration rises we’ll be drawn to different foods.

At the time I thought, “Well, just tell me what those foods are now!” Maybe I can get there from the other direction, right?

But that doesn’t work. First of all, because vibration drives everything, not action. And second, because the foods we’re each drawn to are potentially different. There isn’t just one “healthy” formula for us all.

So anyway, we know that the actions will match our vibe. Our actions reinforce whatever we’re flowing energetically.

I think that’s why my sweet tooth disappeared.

* * * Here’s why I’m telling this story. * * * 

To inspire you to engage this wherever you want to create real change.

Remember how it works: manage your vibe, then follow your inspiration.

Abraham calls it: “Alignment, and then …”

For example, I’ve been playing with a new affirmation lately to manage my money vibe:

“Holy sh*t, I make a lot of money!”

Just like my magic scale did, that thought takes me to a new delightful place. (It’s a big improvement over the usual, “Why am I not making more money?”)

When I hang out in that new delightful place, things are going to change. Some how, some way. They have to.

All I have to do is go along with the changes.

This process works, you guys. Find a way to manage your vibration, and honor whatever inspirations come up after that.

It’s ridiculously simple, isn’t it?!

You know I love to hear stories about how law of attraction works in the real world, so please share your vibe management methods and success stories with us!

  • November 13, 2012
  • Absolutely amazing concept.
    Everything in life is relative to the position of something else. Why not be somewhere between ravishing and gorgeous? It is just as meaningful as any number. Great spirit lift. Keep up the good work and thanks for sharing.

  • Agreed, Nicole. I’ve heard some spiritual guides suggest getting out of our normal environment for that very reason.
    Very true, CareTakerRay – as you think, so you are. Here’s to thinking the best of ourselves!

  • caretakerray says:

    It’s amazing but, as you you are. I find using visual combined with audio usually produces action.

  • Nicole says:

    Doesn’t it seem like travelling and being in motion away from your normal routine can trigger new alignment with yourself? I love going on vacations and trips even for meetings or what not, cuz it seems like I’m so excited about the new experiences. I don’t feel the need for mindless eating of ‘junk.’ Only the most delicious desserts at fancy restaurants!

  • An employer who introduces these ideas to their people is my idea of a really good time, Terri. That is so cool! Love that you were open to it and it rang your bells!
    Sharon, that is so true when you said, “When you get to the true feeling place of loving yourself the other stuff doesn’t matter and then it comes any way.” I always imagined I’d be thrilled and delighted if I was fitting into old jeans, but the truth is – it isn’t that big a deal! I’m gorgeous no matter what! (Just ask my scale!) lol
    Your comments are much appreciated, Terri and Sharon! 🙂

  • Sharon says:

    I love your scale! I’ve been doing pretty much the same thing lately….really feeling the love for me and my body and I too have dropped almost two sizes with in a month. When you get to the true feeling place of loving yourself the other stuff doesn’t matter and then it comes any way.

  • Terri Lynn says:

    I just adore this story 🙂 My dealership sent me to some meetings with similar ideas to LOA, and I couldn’t believe that everyone wasn’t lapping them up like I was. I was HOOKED! And my life has been different ever since.

  • Yeah, I’m definitely getting good use out of them, Mel. lol
    Anna – I love that for you!!!
    And Nancy, I’ve been thinking about asking you for a guest post on how to use affirmations, since you’re the queen of them!
    Thanks for reading and for commenting, everyone. 🙂

  • HOLY SH*T you have a way of wording affirmations!
    LOL, I always say the ones that make you laugh are the most powerful! 😉
    Many blessings,

  • Anna says:

    *Holy Sh#t! I’m a fabulously creative and prolific artist!*
    Oh yeah. Works for me!

  • Mel says:

    Those scales are AWESOME!
    I think I’d probably use them multiple times per day – just to ‘weigh’ up how sexy I am. lol

  • Wow, Lisa! That is so intriguing to me the connection between the vibration and what the body prefers to eat. I guess that shouldn’t surprise me, but it seems like really obvious evidence of changes that our vibration has on our physical self!

  • Lisa D says:

    This is so true! I went to a retreat a year ago, where I spent a whole week hanging out in oneness/love. Truly an amazing experience. When I came back, what I wanted to eat had completely changed. I could not figure out why 80% of the foods I liked before weren’t appealing, and lots and lots of raw veggies and fruits were. I actually couldn’t even force myself to eat most of the healthy-ish vegetarian food I had been eating previously. I also found it unappealing to be around challenging or superficial people, or angst-filled commercial radio… yeah, I was a little odd for a few months – but blissfully happy!

  • Aren’t they great, Leigha?!
    I linked to it in the post, but here’s the link again where I got mine:

  • Leigha says:

    Oooh!!!! I love it!!! And I WANT one of those!!! 🙂 Great post Jeannette!!!

  • I can’t stop smiling at your realization of this, Lesley: “Just sexy. As I am.” Here’s to more of THAT vibe in the world!!

  • Lesley Cross says:

    Love it, Jeanette. I think I want one of those scales! But right on about the vibe thing. This weekend it hit me. I’m sexy. Not “for a 40yo woman” and not “for a fat chick”….but just sexy. For being ME. As I am. And I bought myself flowers…because, well, hot chicks get flowers (they were $4 flowers, cuz I’m still working on the money thing, but…what I’m saying it that it doesn’t have to be costly to love yourself!). Today I’m craving fruits and veggies in a deep down to the bones way. Is it the vibe? 😉 Been here before…happens more and more often. I’ll take it.
    Gotta play around with “holy sh*t I make a lot of money”…because it just sounds fun!

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