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Top 3 LOA Ninja Moves

LOA Ninja MovesI’ve loved watching Olympic athletes deliver their very best this week to earn the privilege of standing on the podium in Sochi …

Did you see the Japanese skater open with a stunning quad something-or-other that helped earn him a record breaking 101.45 score?

And were you tuned in when slopestyle skier Joss Christensen landed a switch triple 1440 to help him earn gold and a U.S. medals sweep?

Seriously, they’re thrilling.

Mastery is one of my newly identified core values (thank you, Anne Bolender), so with my focus on the world’s top athletes, and also on the ebook that Lisa and I just published (“LOA Ninja Moves” for coaches) – it’s got me wondering what my best LOA moves are.

I thought of three manifesting “tricks” I’m pretty good at that contribute to my creative success:

1. Dismissing Reality
When the calendar said I had no client appointments, and voice mail said no one wanted to connect, and email said no one was interested in my services – I retorted, “I don’t know what you’re talking about (calendar, phone, inbox); I’m a brilliant coach in high demand.”  Reality isn’t going to tell me how it is; I’m leading this party.

2. Expecting the “Impossible”
I’m also good at letting myself have my cake and eat it, too – even when it seems contradictory.  Like working less and making more.  Or exercising less to lose weight.  Or breaking the business rules and still having a thriving practice.  I’m good at the “and.”

3. Hanging with Fellow Creators
My life changed more in three months of working with an LOA coach than it did three years while I played with LOA on my own. Hanging out with you guys here and everyone at GVU is no doubt one of the reasons I’m good at this manifesting gig. Jim Rohn says we are who we spend time with.  (Way to stack the deck in my favor!)

There are a bunch more LOA ninja moves that I’m not so good at – but these I’ve got a good handle on.

What are your LOA ninja moves?  What manifesting skills are you exceptionally good at?

If you don’t know what yours are or if you’d like to gain new ones, we’re looking at the top 10 LOA Ninja Moves in a new course next month at GVU. (As usual, everyone’s invited to the free calls, so you don’t have to be a member to join this party.)

And for those of you wondering about that ninja moves ebook I mentioned, it’s specifically for coaches and you can check it out here.

Happy manifesting, fellow creators!

  • February 16, 2014
  • Peter says:

    Fabulous Jeanette, always 🙂
    My top 2 are being able to drop the worry (that used to be intense) with a deep understanding of what time is (or rather, isn’t!). It hasn’t happened yet and won’t unless you think it will.
    Other skill I’ve acquired is almost instant connection and guidance on what to do next despite the panic and riots and endless distractions around me.
    Now I know what the Buddhists were on about when they tell about deep peace 🙂

  • Michaela says:

    I’m glad that you mentioned it again, Jeannette – I almost missed the call information. I’d love to tune in and hope I will be able to make it. (Thanks for offering a recording!) I might be one of the first buyers of your ebook, too. 🙂

  • Wow, Melody! I don’t know which of these I’m more impressed with!! lol
    Wow, I’ll take a little bit of all that – the releasing resistance, the relaxing about food to lose weight, the manifesting on a dime – very cool, Melody!

  • Melody says:

    Jeannette, I almost forgot, I was inspired by your style to relax about eating only healthy food, and I am actually losing weight faster now! I lost four lbs this week eating pizza and chocolate, after having plateaued the previous weeks on a rigid vegan gluten-free diet. Woo hoo!
    Full reveal, I have also been doing Pam Grout’s breath exercises from her book Jumpstart Your Metabolism. They utterly totally rock.

  • Melody says:

    Mine are:
    Releasing Resistance: I had a childhood with a huge amount of contrast, along the lines of “The Child Called It.” I almost never talk about or mention it, because I have forgiven everyone and moved on, but whenever I do, people are shocked and invariably say something along the lines of,”I never would have known.” It’s just not part of my energy anymore. I am a professional artist with an idyllic life now. At some point, I will probably teach this work, as I have intuited various processes and ideas I have never encountered elsewhere.
    Manifesting when I need it to happen NOW: I once had a stranger insist on giving me a hundred dollars for no reason, literally five minutes after silently praying for money, when I was stranded after some issues traveling. I had mentioned the problem to no one, and the man had no way of knowing about it. I have other examples like that, as well. Like I never get sick, even when kissing and taking people who are sick.
    I am still fine-tuning manifesting more of what I want, not just what I need (and therefore really feel I deserve). Otherwise, I just always automatically put other people first. I am great at manifesting through other people for this reason. For example, I am working on my money vibe, and my husband gets a huge unexpected raise, which happened recently, and so on.
    Also still fine-tuning detachment ironically enough. I can generally predict almost all the lottery numbers for example, if it is just for fun. If someone is going to judge me for being wrong, or if I spent money on a ticket I can’t. Same thing with predicting coin tosses. I once predicted the correct coin toss 58 times in a row, but I can only do it by myself or with someone I really trust, where there is nothing riding on my ability to do it. Needless to say, I win every board game I play. So I can surrender in super high stakes scenarios and super low stakes but not in between yet:)
    Love Vibes: Nine people proposed marriage to me before I was twenty. I have been happily married for eight years after falling in love at first sight. I can generally pick up from people’s energy what is holding them back from love.

  • Tune in to our call, Michaela! (Or write me after it’s done for a recording of it.) I’ll go into detail when we do the course!
    Lisa and I created that Ninja Moves product specifically for coaches, but the principles apply to anyone who is a freelance entrepreneur drawing in their own clients and running their own business.
    I don’t think the page says “guaranteed” – but I’d refund you in a heartbeat if it didn’t do anything for you.

  • Michaela says:

    Hi Jeannette, I’ve always especially enjoyed the story about how you dismissed reality in the beginning of building your coaching practice, it’s so inspiring!
    Is there any trick you could share about how to master this particular “ninja move”? I sure could use it. 🙂
    Also, is your new ebook targeted at coaches only or would other business owners benefit from it as well?

  • What a wonderful skill to own, Nneka! That one in itself can transform EVERYTHING!

  • Hiya Jeannette:-)
    Optimism is my ninja move. Give me any situation and I can find the bright side.

  • Oh yes, Cassie, I would agree self-love is THE loa ninja move!
    You’re not just good at flowing it yourself, but also guiding others to master it, too. (Loving your 30/30/30 program at!)
    Scripting is one I’m pretty good at, but every once in a while I meet someone (like you) who OWNS it – I want to be that good, too. Thanks for chiming in with your ninja moves, Cassie.

  • Cassie says:

    I thought about this overnight Jeannette.
    My top three ninja LOA moves are
    1.) Come from a place of self-love, which at first might not sound like an LOA ninja move, but it totally is because we all know the Universe can only be as good to us as we are to ourselves.
    2.) Living a happy life. Things manifest easier from this place. I can’t even count the number of times one thought of something I like to experience or have magically manifests. I contribute this to living most of my life in my happy zone.
    3.) Scripting! I am really good at crafting the experience I want to have via talking to someone or writing it out and it is my all-time favorite LOA ninja move!

  • Indeed you are a master of loving and engaging, Evan – proving it right here again.
    And furniture – what a fun expertise to have! 🙂
    Thanks for reading and for commenting, my friend.

  • Hey Jeannette —
    Another quality you’ve mastered to the black belt level is this: The ability to passionately talk up and highlight the strengths of others. I see you do it all the time here. It’s infectious. And at the same time LOA canny. As you amplify the good and great qualities you see in other thought leaders, it rebounds back to you . . .
    About your question — what manifesting skills am I particularly good at? Manifesting . . .
    — Loving, engaging, fulfilling relationships: romantic, familial and friendly.
    — Ideas.
    — Circumstances breaking my way, even when they don’t look favorable at first.
    — Furniture of all things. Years back, in a crisis mode, I put it out there that we’d receive perfect furniture to replace what no longer fit us when we moved into a new home. Not only did that happen, it keeps happening repeatedly! — I get so much coming my way I am frequently a furniture source for others who need it.
    — Laughter!
    Thank you Jeannette for helping all of us on the way to our own mastery —

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