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Toss Out Tolerations

Deliberate creators know the importance of managing their energy to align with what we want.

One of the most powerful ways to practice vibrational alignment is to identify and eliminate our tolerations in life.

That just means to find a way to handle whatever’s draining your energy.

It could be “little” stuff like maybe the car registration tags that are expired, or the desk plant that’s withering. Maybe the dog needs a dental, or your shoes don’t fit quite right. Could be a burned out light bulb that you haven’t replaced, or a stain on the carpet that bugs you.

Or it could be “bigger” stuff like maybe the neighbor who makes too much noise every night, or the overtime schedule that’s exhausting you. Maybe your diet isn’t serving you well, or you’ve got credit card issues troubling you. Could be a difficult relationship with a family member or a boss who drives you crazy.

Whatever is niggling at your good vibe, a smart move is to identify it and eliminate it. Anything that’s draining joy from your life – get it handled.

Here’s how to get started with this process:

Jot down a list of a dozen or so things you’re putting up with, whether it’s in your physical environment, relationships, health, finances, work, self-care, whatever. Think about what’s bothering you – what you’re tolerating in life – and write it down.

And that’s your customized path to a cleaner, higher vibration!

As you eliminate each toleration, you bring yourself into closer alignment with the good stuff you’ve been wanting.

Your job is to knock out each item on your list. You may find one pivotal toleration that eliminates several others. Or you might want to start with the easy ones first to get immediate energy for resolving the “big ones.”

There are four common ways to handle a toleration:

  1. Delete it (decide it doesn’t have to be done after all)
  2. Delegate it (put someone else in charge of it)
  3. Do it (just get it over with, once and for all)
  4. Dance with it (transform how you experience it)

That last tip (where we just change our mind about it) is easier for conscious creators to practice, since we are more mentally flexible than the average person.

We also know the power of setting an intention to let Universe handle it for us.

Here’s another example of “dancing with it”: my biz partner turned bill paying into margarita night with her sweetie, complete with music and dancing while they pay the bills together. It’s now something they look forward to instead of dread!

This isn’t necessarily an overnight process, but it is a crucial one because these tolerations can put big kinks in your vibe.

Getting them handled will bring you into alignment and supercharge your manifesting success!

  • April 1, 2007