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The Trick to Manifesting Abundance

Lots of creators are working on attracting more abundance – whether in money, love, freedom, health, or even general happiness.

Here’s a helpful trick to creating whatever kind of abundance you’d like to see in your life:

It isn’t so much figuring out how to manifest more of it, as it is learning to see and appreciate the abundance already here.

Our lives already contain what we want, in some form or fashion. And if we can’t see how it’s already here, we’re not likely to see more arrive.

So instead of thinking, “How can I manifest more money?” think of it instead as a challenge to see the financial abundance already present in your life.

Instead of wondering, “How can I create more love in my relationship?” approach it as a commitment to seeing the love that already exists.

Same with health, sex, joy, freedom, hot dates, professional success, job opportunities – whatever we might want more of – learn to see how it’s already present.

When we develop eyes to see where it already is, more flows in.

I’ve met folks sitting on tremendous forms of abundance – love, money, friends, support – and yet been blind to it while asking for help in creating what they didn’t acknowledge they already had in spades.

And I’ve done it myself! I know how easy it is to stop seeing what’s present in our 3D reality in favor of telling a story about how we need more.

At a bloggers conference years ago, the Morning Coach advised new bloggers not to dismiss their small readership. “Even if you’ve only got 12 readers, love your 12. Look at what Jesus did with his 12.”

If you can learn to love your 12 readers, or your one workshop attendee, or your only dating prospect, or the bits of freedom you experience already in daily life, or whatever it is you want more of – learn to see and love what you’ve already got, Universe will make it even better.

In fact, you could launch a commitment to see how your desire already exists by using an intention:

  • I intend to see the abundance of health already present in my life.
  • I am recognizing and appreciating the financial abundance that already exists for me.
  • Angels/Guides/Higher Self (or whomever you like to address), help me get better at seeing and celebrating the abundance I desire.

Setting an intention along those lines will make it easier to see what you may have overlooked before.

But don’t take my word for it. Put this to the test yourself and report back with your experience! 🙂

  • November 18, 2015
  • blank KO says:

    “Our lives already contain what we want, in some form or fashion. And if we don’t have eyes to see it now, we’re not a match for more.”
    This sentence was profound for me because I’ve seen how it works when I focus on what I do have (or the joy of remembering what I have had before).
    Thank you.

    • blank Jeannette says:

      That’s a really good point, KO – that sometimes the way to see it is to look to our past. Sometimes it serves us to get creative in how we might “see” something.
      And lots of times it’s so obvious to others, we’ve just gone blind to it ourselves.
      Like when coaches tell me about how they have NO professional success, and in the course of their rant they’ll mention their latest new client, or yesterday’s workshop enrollee, or an ebook sale they just got payment on – and I’m like, wait a minute. I thought you said nothing was working?! Clearly something’s working! But you won’t ever see future success if you can’t see your present success.
      I’ve been that person, too, so … God bless the people who help us see it differently! 🙂

  • blank Jen C. says:

    I like this because it made me think, “well maybe I am overthinking too much at times and should ONLY do this one thing for a while,” rather than the many other loa type practices available…This awareness of what is right under our noses is a powerful practice and is a strong vibration shifter in it’s own right.
    Tonight I am definitely setting the intention to just plain “see” the good in all of my life. As always, thx for the reminder!

    • blank Jeannette says:

      Strong vibration shifter is right, Jen!
      In fact, I was watching The Profit tonight and Marcus was talking with a biz owner who referred to his current income situation as a “trickle” that he didn’t want to keep doing. Marcus was like, you’re clearing $150k a year – a lot of people would kill for that. And the biz owner was not having it. I’ve been that guy!
      To be able to switch from dissatisfaction to appreciation is a pretty dramatic vibration shift indeed!
      Thanks for chiming in on this one, Jen. 🙂

  • blank Danielle says:

    I love this Jeannette. Had already started doing it because of some other things of yours I had read. I so love the idea that I can invite more abundance by seeing and acknowledging the abundance I already have so much of.

    • blank Jeannette says:

      Yeah, how does that saying go … or that quote … “A man will never be rich until he can be poor without feeling deprived.” I love that reminder! It’s not the situation that matters – it’s our ability to find the vibration that makes the difference.
      Here’s to acknowledging our present abundance! Thanks for reading and for commenting, Danielle. 🙂

  • blank LuckyLife says:

    I am sooo guilty of this.. For me it’s more because sometimes I get tunnel vision about how it’s supposed look or the way it’s supposed to happen. And then I don’t see how I already have all or part of what I want. Or I get so focused that I miss opportunities that in retrospect I can see. It always works out, but being more aware of what I have is a good reminder.

    • blank Jeannette says:

      Indeed, LuckyLife. We are so rich! And when we see it, we’re vibrating it, and Universe says, “Oh hey, LuckyLife is RICH!” (Because we said so.) And so shall it be even more. hehe I love how this system works. 🙂

  • blank Sandeep says:

    True reminder

  • blank Angel says:

    I know it’s easy for people to say yeah, yeah, gratitude not attitude but it’s great that you break it down. The other thing this makes me think of is how you wrote about the “emotional charge” surrounding things we desire, or a specific situation we’re wanting. Being acutely present to the good in all things, without demand that it should be large vs small, diffuses the tension and hones our eyes and spirit to welcome it all.
    I know how absolutely frustrating it is when a situation we don’t like or a lack that’s so painful is just sitting on top of us, we want to avoid it so we squirm, push or prod. The thing is when we do that, we’re not present and we refuse to accept it, when sometimes all it asks from us is acknowledgment. I’ve really learned that in some intractable things it’s best to simply say, not my problem for now – and move on to the next best feeling.

    • blank Jeannette says:

      Such a good point, Angel, about how resistance to it can perpetuate the very thing we don’t want. That’s an important perspective to re-work. Thanks for chiming in on this one. 🙂

  • blank Susan Dickson says:

    Love the comment from Angel, ‘not my problem for now-and move on to the next best feeling.’
    Lately my journal has been full of ‘not my problem’ or ‘not my job’.
    If there’s something that I feel I need or want I’m getting really really good at just handing everything over to Universe by saying NOT MY PROBLEM.
    It’s such a weight off my shoulders when I finally realise that I don’t have to work things out myself, the Universe will do it for me.
    Then I usually find something in my life that I love even if it’s just one of my house plants, doesn’t matter what it is I just focus on how much I love that thing or that circumstance or that person.
    It’s amazing to me how simple this can be when I let it.

  • I was just thinking this morning about the powerful idea of “you can have anything you want as long as you already have it”…and the next thing I know I’m reading this post! Love the way you express this idea Jeannette, that if we don’t have eyes to see it now we’re not a match for more – POWERFUL words! And so true, we have to be willing to see nothing else. So often what are eyes are seeing is a lot of contrast and evidence that is contrary to what we say we desire, when we can envision beyond the contrary evidence the magic happens. Love this post! Thank you. 🙂

  • The secret to success is success. So true. You want to succeed at something, you must appreciate the fact that you have had success at succeeding. In the same way, you must appreciate the successes in your life and suddenly, hey guess what you are successful. And isn’t abundance really what we all want to succeed at?

  • blank Amber says:

    This is interesting .. You did a post recently on what happens when things seem to get worse ! Well this seems to be happening to me the more I apply Loa do my daily visualization / up level my thoughts / practice my mantras / vision board .. I feel like my life is falling apart!!! I left my job and a relationship and the villa I was renting because I told universe I wanted an upgrade on everything in my life .. Then it throws me massive contrast .. Incredible breakthrough followed by old health issues / trauma / conflict .. Confusion ..Is this because I’m not doing my appreciation practice enough ? It feels like Ive stepped into a storm !

    • blank Arpita says:

      Amber.. I understand the feel as I go through your post. However, Just ask yourself what I can appreciate in this moment and start the gratitude list thereafter try to sense n feel the vibe then think,how would you like to see this thing turning out better for you.. try to craft with what you have and try to setout vibes of small small changes by feeling better.. with the way you think it should be.. don’t go negative try to control it, by looking for a positive thing in it and feel happiness..

    • blank Jeannette says:

      This might be a helpful time to suspend judgment about what’s good and bad and right and wrong. Sometimes we don’t see till further down the road that it was the answer to our prayers all along, it just looked like a ‘problem’ in the red hot immediate moment.
      Actually, all that is is looking for a thought that feels better – and the one that feels better to you might be totally different than the one that feels better to me. For some people, the better feeling thought might be, “Screw this LOA crap.” lol
      That post you mentioned, though, is worth reviewing:

  • blank Anju says:

    I like the thought…(and I’m only a beginner here, so probably more research to do on my part)…but when you’re out of a job, feeling low in confidence that nobody wants to hire you despite your education and past work experience, how do you be thankful?

    • blank Arpita says:

      You should be thankful for the time you are getting for great opportunity that is finding its way to you.

    • blank Jeannette says:

      Practice, Anju! We get whatever we look for, so if you keep looking for reasons to be appreciative, you’ll find them. Keep up the practice, and you’ll get better at it. It is well worth the effort!

  • blank Danielle says:

    Amber, i don’t know if this helps but please know that someone in little Lyman Washington is thinking very positive thoughts for you. I know your life is becoming more wonderful every minute of every day.
    Laughter and Happiness, Danielle

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