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The Trick to Winning the Lottery

Some aspiring manifestors buy mega millions lottery tickets, waiting or hoping (or even intending) to hear they won.

But that’s not how you manifest a lottery win.

Conscious creators don’t wait for reality to tell them what’s so.

Rather, they tell reality how it is for them.

And they don’t give that instruction up. (Just because their numbers didn’t seem to hit this time. And it is “seem to.” Don’t know it so strongly that your numbers “didn’t hit.” That’s not the LOA way. That’s a counter-instruction that foils your desire.)

Conscious creators adopt the vibration of being a lottery winner, and they let reality conform to that instruction, eventually, in the best timing, in the best way – rather than conforming to the old repeating reality (of not winning).

Make sense?

The trick to winning the lottery is to stop waiting for reality to tell you that you won. Instead, you be the winner first.

It’s not the easiest thing to be a lottery winner before the world announces you as such. It’s not the most natural thing to hold that identity consistently, even when you’re the only one knowing it …

But it can be done.

So instead of managing crestfallen feelings when your numbers aren’t coming up, remember that you call the shots here. You’re not waiting for reality to tell you what’s so. You lead the way!

Reality will eventually catch up. And probably when you’re not looking that closely; when you’re busy having a good time doing something else.

So if you’re looking to be a lottery winner, be that now. Buy your tickets (if/when you’re so inspired) and then go enjoy yourself.

That’s what you wanted to win the lottery for anyway, right? Let’s get ahead of it by having a good time now. 🙂

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  • January 20, 2021
  • Timeline Traveller says:

    I love the “You call the shots here” reminder 🙂 A week or so ago, I had a similar affirmation/feeling/mindset (eg: “My timeline, my choice.”) suddenly appear in my mind and it certainly felt inspiring and empowering 🙂

    As for the lottery, this one is complicated – and I apologise in advance if this ends up sounding cynical – it’s meant to be more of an informative “troubleshooting guide”.

    For context, I remember trying to manifest a lottery win a decade or so ago when I first discovered the Law Of Attraction. Emphasis on “trying”. Needless to say, if anything, the people running the lottery were the real winners there LOL!!! Still, looking back on it, it taught me a lot…

    First of all, belief and expectations play a huge role in manifesting – so, the lottery may be challenging in this regard, since there’s usually a lot of media emphasis on how the “odds” are “one in millions” or whatever. Yes, “odds” don’t really apply – but beliefs do, and constantly hearing this/associating the lottery with it may cause hidden limiting beliefs about your “chances”. Then, of course, there are possibly also other well-intentioned limiting beliefs to contend with too (eg: the “The house always wins” one about gambling). The point here is that, although we are in control of our own timelines, we’ve probably picked up limiting beliefs/expectations about the lottery from before we knew about all of this stuff. So, dealing with them is important.

    Secondly, there’s the issue of popular culture vs actual desires. If you want to manifest a lottery win because it is what other people think is a “good” thing (eg: the showing-off value of “being a millionaire” etc…), rather than because it is your ACTUAL desire, then this can have an impact. Your actual desires (eg: the things that REALLY fire your imagination, make you feel great etc..) may have little or nothing to do with winning a lottery prize. So, learning how to discern between popular culture and your actual desires is important.

    Thirdly, focusing on a lottery win is – itself – a limitation, since manifestations can show up in all sorts of ways. This is especially true if a “lottery win” is just a means to get something else that you want.

    Finally, one of the main appeals of lotteries is the joyous hopes/fantasies that you have before the results are announced. And, well, you DON’T have to buy a ticket for joyous hopes/fantasies 🙂 You can enjoy them – albeit ones not related to the lottery- for free 🙂

  • Namaste says:


    I really like two points you made here…

    The first is only buying lottery tickets if/when you’re so inspired. For a lot of years, I was guilty of buying lottery tickets when I saw a big jackpot but I wasn’t feeling inspired. I rarely won a dollar. Then, I read this story of a guy walking along one day and seeing a lottery ticket on the sidewalk. He decided to pick it up and put it in his pocket. Turned out to be a million dollar winner. After that, I started picking up lottery tickets when I saw them on the ground. Out of the five times I’d done this, during the past few years, four of them have been small winners. I’ve won more times from finding lottery tickets than I have from buying them during those uninspired times. This taught me some things. The biggest is that when I don’t care, which is how I feel whenever I find a lottery ticket, I almost always win because I don’t have anything going on other than, “Hey, I found a lottery ticket. Cool!” There is no resistance present. Additionally, it made me realize that buying lottery tickets when I’m not feeling inspired is truly counterproductive to me as a conscious creator. Taking the action of buying lottery tickets when I’m uninspired is literally taking the biggest rules I know about the law of attraction and tossing them out the window. I know what alignment feels like. I know what it does not feel like. Buying lottery tickets when I’m not feeling aligned/inspired is affirming to myself that what I know isn’t actually real. It’s like a professional dealmaker doing a deal, that looks good, but he knows is going to fail because of all the key signs he’s learned over the years. Going against your own life lessons, to chase something is just a bad idea and a great way to undermine your own confidence. Thus, I made the decision to stop buying lottery tickets when I’m not aligned and it’s one of the best things I’ve done for myself in recent years.

    The second is about deciding to be a lottery winner now and having a good time now. The goal truly is the journey. Words to live by =)


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