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Vibrational Habits

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Are your habits keeping up with your desires?

A conversation with an old friend revealed how differently we saw the same situation, and reminded me the power of our vibrational habits.

What we see, think and feel is what we create. Is your vibrational habit up to date?

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  • May 28, 2019
  • Deana says:

    Jeannette it’s Deana and so as I was saying in my email the content of this episode is so profound because it’s possible to get tripped up by those habitual vibrations in every area of life. Even eating disorders could be prevented if this idea were applied to body image – girls who are so used to feeling fat when they do not realize they are slim enough. Or as you said, relationships, or health, as well as wealth. Being so used to dysfunctional we can’t appreciate or even recognize the functional. No matter how much is going right, we can’t experience it if we don’t choose it.

    • Jeannette says:

      So true, Deana! I hadn’t even thought about it in terms of eating disorders or body image, but you’re right – that’s a vibrational habit that can be unnecessarily damaging.

      Here’s to having the conscious awareness to choose new vibrational habits, and perhaps in doing so inspiring others to do the same when they’re ready for something new!

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