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Guest Post: What Are You Weighting For?

Thanks to Frank Butterfield for this guest post channeled from Paul, as inspired by a client discussion about the relation between abundance and body fat:
Paul channeled by Frank Butterfield on body weight

This is not a conversation about the scientific aspects of nutrition, biology, or bio-chemistry. We are looking at what happens from the perspective of your vibrational relationship with your body.

And we are talking about your body as having both physical and non-physical components, with the non-physical components being the majority of what your body is.

So, in that light, how do your thoughts affect what your body does with the food that you eat?

It all depends upon what you expect to happen as a result of eating.

If you approach any morsel of food as being part of a story of shortage, then your body will most likely be highly efficient in holding on to whatever potential energy it can grab on to and keep for future use.

So, if you are dieting or withholding food from yourself and treating the bites that you do eat as an exception to a rule that is mainly about deprivation, your body will get the signal about holding on to what it is given because more might not be available in the future.

If you are eating what you want and enjoying it for what it offers in the moment – color, texture, taste – then your body will most likely retain just what it wants for metabolic efficiency in the moment and then release the rest.

But that would not necessarily be the case if you believe that food makes you fat, particularly if you believe that the specific food you eat is fattening.

You can, if you want, change your attitude towards any or all food by telling a new story about it and deciding that whatever you eat is healthy and wholesome and that your body will use it for perfect metabolic efficiency.

Your lean, efficient body is a vibrational match to your idea that there is always plenty and that nothing is really needed but everything that is delicious, beautiful to see, and that feels good to eat is just right for your body.

If you have, for many years, developed a suspicion of food, than you may want to spend some time falling back in love with this aspect of your creation.

Remember that you are the one who is creating your experience and you can have it be however you want.

If you want to luxuriate in the experience of eating, dining, sharing food, and other culinary delights then you could begin to tell a story of how rich you are in this area of your life. You could start deliberately focusing your attention on how good it feels to eat and how wonderful it is to enjoy the process of sharing food with those whose company you revel in.

If you want to approach food from a more detached place of just seeing it as fuel, you could focus on the idea that whatever you eat is processed by your body very efficiently. You could tell a story about how you are drawn to exactly the right foods at the moment that you are hungry and that you only eat until hunger is satisfied and then you move on with your experience. You could deliberately turn your attention to how powerful specific foods are as a source of energy and how your body is a very lean, efficient metabolic machine.

If you want to be easy with food, you could start to notice how really no matter what you eat, you always are in alignment with the perfect form that you want your body to take. You could tell the story of how you can eat anything you want and always find yourself alert, feeling lean and trim, and that your body processes everything in just the right way. You could deliberately turn your attention to how easy it is for you to stay at just the right weight and shape for you and that food only helps you with this.

The issue at hand has never been about mathematics and calories.

The issue at hand is always about the vibrational attitude you bring to the story of your body, its weight and shape, and how much in alignment you are with what you really want to experience through your body.

If this topic is of interest, you might like the Weight: What Is It Good For? workshop recordings.  Get more deliberate creation insights from Paul here:

  • May 25, 2012
  • Wow!
    I must say that I love READING Paul’s answer about this. The reading makes this info even more clear and delicious. It is like savoring the perfect meal. Thanks for this,

  • Lesley Cross says:

    Love this! I’ve come to realize that my body is incredibly effective at storage and using what I take in efficiently, so that I always seem to hold on to some extra! I may try trading my money stories for my body stories and vice versa- more savings in the bank, less on my body!

  • Pernille Madsen says:

    This is AWESOME, thanks Frank, Paul and Jeannette 🙂
    I knew it was more about beliefs and thoughts than about calories, but I didn’t really know how to turn this knowledge into practice – until now!!! Thank you so much 🙂

  • Ronda says:

    Great words of wisdom and enlightenment! My 7 year-old sage daughter could have wrote this too! She knows what she likes, eats whatever she wants, when she wants, throws away anything that doesn’t appeal to her without guilt! I am glad I read this and reminded myself not to interfere with her natural knowing and process!!

  • Monica says:

    You know what I love? I love how helpful information is always available to me just when I need it!
    Just last night I decided that it was time to start counting calories again and get my eating habits back on track.
    Just this morning I was inspired to see what’s happening at the GVB.
    And here you are, RIGHT on topic! And Frank and Jeannette both together in the same place! How awesome is that?! Awesome.
    Oh yes, I will still count calories today, but I do it largely because I’m sufficiently left-brained that it’s fun for me. And I always give myself enough that it’s practically an abundance strategy. And I’m hoping that a more organized vibe in my diet will carry over to a more organized vibe elsewhere!
    Thanks for starting me off on the right path!

  • Janette says:

    Yes, yes, yes!
    Thanks Frank and Paul – as rocking as usual, I love it. Brilliant!

  • Caz says:

    Absolutely, I’ve been building more and more of this into my hypnotherapy work to help people reprogram that old thinking.
    Worth bearing in mind though with the “food cooked with love is good for you” train of thought – it’s fine as long as you aren’t exchanging food for love…Many feelings of guilt associated with not wanting to eat everything on your plate vs who put that full plate in front of you & how upset/rejected they may feel if you don’t eat it all.
    Easy when you know the attachments, not so easy if that sledgehammer hasn’t hit home yet 😉

  • Rita says:

    Wonderful, Frank (and Paul, of course)! This clears up some questions I didn’t even know I had about food. I have clients who are struggling around food and weight and I’m eager to share this information with them.
    Thanks to all!

  • Berta says:

    The four food groups in my world are: butter, nuts, garlic, and dark chocolate. Consume daily in the quantities that you crave.
    My old mantra used for years: “I’d rather spend my money on fun vacations and toys than on a larger sized wardrobe.”
    My new mantra (more fun): “I’m slim and trim; taught, toned, and terrific.”
    And I see myself wearing my all-time favorite swimsuit over my perfect body of my 30’s. I’ve been there, and I just go back in my memory. What’s really cool is my body follows my thoughts, and it goes there too.

  • Berta says:

    My husband always tells me he “cooks with love,” and how can anything be better than that? I tought him how to cook years ago by asking for help in the kitchen. He’s practically hip-checked me out of the kitchen, but I don’t mind it much. Now when we entertain, I’m the sous-chef.
    I’ve always maintained a perfect weight and my attitude is a huge part of doing so. My secret is to use recipes as guidelines, and remember the four basic food groups: butter, nuts, garlic, and dark chocolate. All must be consumed daily in the quantities that you crave.
    Last, when my clothes are getting a bit tight, I have two mantra’s. “I’d rather spend my money on fun vacations and toys than on new clothes.” I’ve used this for years but my new mantra is even more effective and much more fun. “I’m slim, trim, taught, toned, and terrific.” (Said with Tony the Tiger zeal.) With this attitude and life-style I always hover around my perfect weight.

  • BarbaraM says:

    I love this post! Yes, I think it is the charge we have on food we take in which results in our body’s weight.
    Recently I am playing with “More chocolate I eat, thiner I am.” LOL
    Guess what: I eat really big amounts of chocolate lately and people asking me “Have you lost weight?” And I did… Although I might alter this new belief to something not so limiting only on chocolate 😀

  • Annette says:

    Thank you, Frank and Jeannette!
    That advice goes for those of us who like ‘naked’ food – no salt, no mayo on sandwiches, salad without dressing.
    Many people have told me how ‘tasteless’ it must be! It is not tasteless to me! It is yummy, nummy good!
    And as Harmony has found, butter is a health food.
    Chip’s wife is right about food made with love being good for you.

  • andrea says:

    Janae, I’ve been reading this blog for awhile and never posted a response, but your situation was mine a few years ago and I felt compelled to post. I will skip the back story (goes something like this: loss, scarcity, no money, more loss, crisis…etc). Lack of good food and post baby weight were issues for me. A few things that helped: growing food and the determination that money didn’t need to dictate my diet. I am whole food fanatic! I never did get a full blown garden growing, I was too busy doing alterations from home and chasing a toddler, but man did I get the greatest herb garden growing, so all those chicken thighs that I cooked tasted great with fresh rosemary, oregano and sage! I felt like I was really providing for my family and our food budget didn’t seem to matter much. More than anything, it was the feeling of taking control of our survival as a family and knowing that great food doesn’t really cost a thing 😉 Some things you may not know about: craigslist and freecycle. Right about harvest time people like to trade their extra garden harvest for stuff they need. Most people plant waaaay too much zuchini and lettuces! Also, a lot of communities have common garden plots that cost about $5 per month to work…if you don’t have a green patch near you, that could be a great option. Work trade on the weekends at farms will also get you great produce…there are also many urban farms in cities across the US in case you aren’t in the country. And lastly, sprouting can be an amazing experience, you don’t even need sunlight and you can sprout just about anything, lentils, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, clover…you name it. All you need is a jar, cheese cloth and 3-5 days (and counter space). You can also make your own yogurt and kimchee if you are into fermented food (it sounds weird but it’s safe and yummy). AND the beautiful thing about all of this is that it is so fun to do with kiddos…even toddlers love to help and most farms are family friendly! I hope I helped and wish you the most perfect food experience ever!

  • ChipEFT says:

    That’s my wife’s painting in the background of Frank’s picture by the way.

  • ChipEFT says:

    My wife was the one who taught me this. She always told me that any food cooked with love is good for you.
    I’ve added to that, any food that tastes good id good for you. That includes butter, sweets, and cookies. And yes Jeanette all kinds of chocolate (including the dreaded blue M&Ms.)

  • Janae says:

    This post was great! Thank you. It’s no wonder I can’t lose weight and when I try I just gain more. Everything is always “Well this is what we can afford” and therefore the mindset is that food is scarce (which it is at times) and that it isn’t necessarily the best food for me. So it kills me to waste anything because there may not be more until the next payday. Wow, I need some help.

  • Frank, you are so cool!! Thank you for the post and the offer for follow up insights from Paul! I may be percolating one up myself …

  • Thanks for sharing this Jeannette!
    It was such a relief to read this information once it came through. I feel like a real missing link fell into place for me personally.
    And the fun thing about being the channel and being here and present is that if anyone has follow-on questions, please feel free to add them here and Paul will answer them. What could be better?!

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