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What Is the Grid?

If you’ve been wondering what Abraham means by doing “grid work,” you’re not alone.

This guest post comes from GVU faculty member Gregory Gibbs, who shares thoughts on what the grid is and how to use it to your manifesting success:
Abraham's Grid

Lately, Abraham has been suggesting we work with emotional grids as a means to manifest our desires. They believe it’s easier for people to understand and apply, more so than some of their previous processes.

Yet, in its simplicity, some of us are scratching our heads wondering what the heck is this grid?!  Do we write it out?  What does it look like?  How does it work?

We sometimes complicate things, especially those who have habits of working hard!  But here’s my simple take on Abraham’s grid:

It’s one of the simplest means of creating vibrational focus.  Firstly, to feel good or better in any given moment on any topic, and secondly, to increase focus on what is wanted:  feelings and manifestations without getting hung up on how it’s going to manifest and what it’s going to look like.

What is a Grid?

A grid is simply a point of attraction, a point of vibration signaling to Universe.  Thinking of it as a grid is an easy way to create stronger focus and better manage your vibrational point of attraction.

There are many ways you can use the grid to get creative with your manifesting.  I recommend something that really lights you up, but not so complicated that you lose sight of what a grid’s purpose is: Vibrational focus.
working with Abraham's Grid

What can a Grid look like?

In working with the grid, it helps to visualize something grid-like – perhaps a wire frame, a building structure, or even a skeleton.  Something where you create the foundation for your  desired manifestation to grow from.

Think sci-fi and animation movies where characters, objects, landscapes, etc., start as wire frame ideas, and then are filled in with textures, colors, shading, lighting, etc. to bring them to life.

Or how about a supporting structure for houses, buildings, cars, boats, etc.?

For quantum physics freaks and geeks, you could think of a grid as your own area in the quantum or unified field.

You could go 3D and think of empty Rubik’s cube or even a transmission tower. (Thank you Jacqui and Nicole for those ideas!)

A grid might even be a space in your brain, heart, or body.

You can draw or write something out on paper to get you started, but I think it’s easiest to create a grid in your mind. Be playful and fun and don’t make it abig deal. Keep it simple at the beginning, as it’s only a focus point.

Seeding the Grid
Emotions are the seeds for your grid. Find an emotion or two that represent how you will feel when a manifestation unfolds. Abraham has been telling us this for years, and it’s that simple.

We simply reach for and maintain the feelings of how we think we will feel when the manifestation comes. When we consistently feel the emotions first, then the manifestation must come. It is Law. (I love that, It is Law – you can’t get this wrong!)

Feeding the Grid
Feelings are the fuel of your grid. You can imagine that your grid lights up a bit or pulses a little with the energy of the emotions that you want to start feeling. Allow the emotions to just float out onto your grid.

You can then start amping up your grid by feeling the emotion any number of ways.

Whatever grid you are creating, if you can easily feel an emotion from another source, do that. For example, if thinking of your lover puts you in state of joy, use him or her. If thinking of your pet puts in you in state of bliss, use that. The feeling is the most important thing, not so much where it comes from. If you can feel an emotion from the get-go, that also works!

Fill in your grid with some recent examples of manifestations to milk the feelings to bring you more of the same. I love this example from Jeannette: she specifically seeded her “helpful people grid” with recent examples of experiencing delightful, helpful, customer service folks.

As you feel an emotion, stay with it for a bit.   (17-68 seconds would be great!)  Imagine that the more you are feeling the emotion authentically, the more that your grid begins to light up, vibrate, pulse, and broadcast your signal. As you feed the grid with your feelings, the more strength the signal has, the more you empower Universal attraction.

Filling in the Grid
This is the easiest part. Universe does ALL of this through manifestation. How fabulously wonderful is that?  The first manifestations are likely emotional ones, where you’ll notice it’s easier to feel better.  Then you’ll get new ideas, insights or inspirations, or you might come across useful information.

In general, your entire vibration will be at a higher level, sending a more aligned signal to Universe. You are becoming a more powerful vibrational match to many things that are in your vortex – you are becoming a cooperative component!

Why The Grid Is So Powerful
By feeling the emotions, all else drops away and in that powerful moment, you send a very strong signal to Universe to bring more feelings and more things. Your now is where your power is.

By focusing on feeling the emotions, you get out of worrying about or trying to figure out the how’s, who’s, and when’s.

By focusing on feeling the emotions, you are less likely to entertain limiting beliefs and more likely to suspend the need to believe that the manifestation is possible for you.

You can be as general as you like and stay there. If getting specific lights you up, go for that. If it feels awkward or forced or that you are pushing to feel specific, cut yourself some slack and stay general.

Grid Summary
The construct of the grid is a great manifesting tool and I think is the easiest process Abraham has offered thus far. What I have presented here is my interpretation with some insight and experience from others. I invite you to share your thoughts below, have fun playing with the grid, and keep it simple.
Gregory Gibbs, Life CoachGregory Gibbs is a faculty member at Good Vibe University, frequenting the forums with high-vibing support and leading various GVU calls, amongst other things. He’s working a number of grids and spreading his wings as a Life Coach. 

  • June 17, 2012
  • Imelda Leahy says:

    Hey Greg, thank you for the concise notes and the call on GVU..really helpful! Wishing you well. Imelda

  • Greg says:

    Thank you so much for being a fabulous host, Jeannette! I would love to hear how others are using the Grid and what it looks like for them! I am happy to answer questions that folks might have.

  • Greg says:

    You are very welcome, Imelda, and thanks!

  • Steve says:

    When I read this, I think of a Christmas decoration I saw in a downtown in a city at night. It was vertical on the side of a tall building. I think it was a wireframe with all kinds of lights on it. You don’t have to think of it as a Christmas decoration but as a framework holding all colors or lights and glittery things. This seems like it might be a good way to get started.

  • Greg says:

    It’s whatever lights you up, Steve! And this sounds like a perfectly, fantastic start!

  • Cate says:

    Thank you for a great call this past Sunday, Greg and Jeanette!

  • (quote)When we consistently feel the emotions first, then the manifestation must come. It is Law.(end quote)
    I know I’ve read this before and thought I understood it, but this sentence just really spoke out to me this time around. It was like, yes, this is so true!
    Thank you.

  • Greg says:

    Cate, It was a pleasure to you joined us and hope to “see” you next time! Thank you!
    Christina, I’m laughing reading your comment because I also heard this at another, deeper level when I was preparing the blog post and it felt right to add it in in the hope that it would “hit” viscerally for another. I am ever so pleased that it did!

  • Greg says:

    Cate, it was a pleasure that you joined our group and looking forward to seeing you next time!
    Christina, I laughed and smiled reading your comment as I heard these words a new way when preparing the material for the calls and for this blog. I wanted to include it in the event that just one other person heard it in a new, deeper, more visceral way. We are that powerful, if we allow it to be so.
    Thank you both!

  • Lois says:

    Hi Greg,
    This is the first time I have heard about the grid. I have been reading some other posts and I believe I am getting the idea of what it is. At times I can focus on a feel good emotion for 68 seconds, sometimes even longer. But them negative feelings creep back in. Do these nehayivr feelings eradicate the feel good emotions? I recently have had a financial loss that I keep feeling bad about. Any suggestions on how to manifest good feelings when something bad has happened to you?

  • Greg says:

    Hi Lois!
    Abraham tells us that positive emotions are much, much, much stronger than negative ones, but what our regular or even default focus is is what counts. I’m paraphrasing Abraham and may get it not quite right, but one who is totally aligned with Source is more powerful than a million people who aren’t.
    It’s what our focus is and how we are feeling about it. Again, to borrow from Abraham, we live in an inclusion-based universe. What we shout “Yes” to is in included in our vibration. What we shout “No” to is included in our vibration. So, when negative stuff comes up, we have two choices. Focus on the negative what is (reality) , OR, OR, OR we say, I don’t like this negative stuff, what do I want instead?. When we focus on what IS wanted, that’s where the magic is, that ‘s were the juice is. Your current reality is simply what you have been focusing on. When you start to focus on what you want, and feel the feelings of what is wanted, your reality must show this, your reality must reflect this! It is Law!
    I’m totally happy to share my thoughts with you 1 on 1, if that feels good. Feel free to connect with me on my Facebook page and we can take things further (no cost). Thank you so much for your question.

  • Lois says:

    Thank you Greg for responding to my question. I’ve been thinking a lot about this today. And I think that I am finally realizing that holding on to the pain and dissatisfaction serves no purpose, no matter how much it might be the reality now. I have been focusing more today on the positive things in my life and feeling peace with what is. The negative feelings might not go away 100% of the time, but each time they show just practising turning them around to what you do want. OK. I’m getting there.

  • zannie says:

    hi Greg, I read your Grid article the other day via Jeannettes FB page so went on to friend you there too. I really really enjoyed the article and in true ABE fashion I ‘just happened’ to be on FB 2 mintes before 2pm yesterday & read the phone in mumber for your Grid & Relationships call, so promptly dialled in to listen.
    I wondered what a grid for my next relationship might look like and saw a 3D skeleton a la Alex Grey . It works perfectly as a grid for me as I consider what I would like to experience with this person and to rustle up those feelings -”really sure/ like I am in a Cirque de Soleil event /totally in the zone”. As I was feeding this grid during the call the Alex Grey skeleton image became animated and after the call we danced dynamically…how cool is that.How does it get even better? Last night I dreamt about Johnny Depp and in the dream he was very interested in me. Yes please Universal Manager, more of that please. So when I do my 34 seconds I will add that feeling to my Alex Grey skeleton too.

  • Annette says:

    Greg, where in the world did your icon come from?
    I admire you for taking such time to make this easy to understand for us. Perhaps we should alert Abraham of your Gridwork!! 🙂
    I see a stained glass grid – the panes are in colors that match what I am feeling – i.e. living in Florida is a Green feeling for me, so green goes in the center pane. Thunderstorms are a regular occurrence and I love them, and the color is iridescent crystal. The energy I feel powers my grid with electric leading and the panes pulse gently.
    Universe will fill in the details of when & where & How.

  • Greg says:

    Hello again, Lois!
    You can’t go wrong there with what you have written. And, it’s totally okay to have negative feelings, importantly, to allow them to come and to feel them authentically. Look what the gift or the message is in the negative feelings. Usually, it’s an indication that you are not keeping up what what the Source part of you has expanded to. So don’t be afraid to feel them, you just don’t want to stay there forever. And by feeling them, you can release them and be available to the higher emotions. You always get to choose, always!

  • Greg says:

    LOL Annette. I don’t know where to go to change the avatar or icon, and the one assigned is just so silly that I laugh when I see it!
    I think Abraham is aware, somehow, and perhaps I’m connecting with them in opening up this material to others? Who knows?
    I love what your grid looks like and stained glass windows remind me of our long term desires to connect with the Divine. But that’s the old school thought of separation. When we wake up and remember that Divine Source energy is us and we are it, that’s when the magic starts! Big love to you for commenting!

  • Kim Falconer says:

    Thank you Greg for the clear and insightful post on the grid! I love it! MWAHS 🙂

  •, Greg!That’s whereto get a gravatar that links auto-magically when you post.
    I like the thought/feeling of the light streaming through that stained glass. Didn’t think about wanting to be connected to the Divine. hmmm
    No, I think it’s just because I like it! I used to do it as a craft, and I really liked working with the colors and then hanging them in the window. NO, not the real stained glass. The kind that you make window clings out of. It’s a form of paint that dries see-through. Keeping the lines of leading straight was always a challenge, as was keeping out the air bubbles. The creation itself was what I liked, knowing how the light would look through it.

  • Greg says:

    I’m glad you liked it Kim! On Thursday’s call, Auretha reminded us about using The Emotion Code and Jeannette suggested that it’s another tool to have in our metaphysical tool box (referencing your recent call on Transforming Deliberate Creator Denial.)
    Annette, the stain glass reminded me of man’s desire to connect with the Divine, so I wasn’t meaning you specifically. However, some food for thought: When are you creating, you are allowing your divinity to flow! I will go look at!

  • Bruce Terrell says:

    Hi Greg,
    When you wrote above that negative emotions are usually “an indication that you are not keeping up with what the Source part of you has expanded to”, that made a lot of sense to me. I would love to hear more from you about what you mean by this.

  • Greg says:

    Hi Bruce,
    Great question–I love it!
    At any moment that we are experiencing contrast (facing an issue or situation that we don’t like or prefer not to experience), our Source or Inner Being expands and supports what we do want or what we would prefer to experience. As Abraham describes it, we are shooting a rocket of desire born from the contrast, whether we feel that rocket go or not. It’s then our job to shift our vibration to support what is wanted, and we do that with our feelings.
    Here’s an example. Let’s say it’s the time of the month when you pay your bills and you realize that there is not enough money in your account or enough coming into your account to pay everything. From not having enough money in the moment, your Source or Inner Being immediately agrees to your desire to have more money–you launched that desire by either saying it or thinking it or feeling it. Now, it’s your job to catch up with You or get up to speed with You. I use the capital “Y” in you for Source or your Inner Being. Initially, you may feel pretty bad about not having enough money, but now you have a choice. Stay in the negative emotions and continue to beat the drum or tell your story of not having enough money or figure out how to start feeling better about having more money even if if your current reality says otherwise. Universe will deliver you more lack or less abundant experiences if you perpetuate your negative emotions. Shift to better feeling emotions, and Universe must deliver experiences that are equivalent to those better feelings.
    Source or our Inner Beings are always calling us to our desires. When we feel negative emotion, we are not connected to or aligned to what Source is calling us to. It’s then up to us to choose to feel better if we expect our reality to change.
    Let me know if this has helped and if you would like to take the conversation further.

  • Dale says:

    Hi Greg and Jeanette,
    The hardest thing for me to get in the beginning was how important the emotion part of the LOA is. Once that is understood it makes it so much easier to focus for the 68 seconds. Actually is fun as well… Makes me wonder why it took me so long to get with the program! 🙂
    I love the grid ideas… mine is a lattice work filled with with sparkles and what I imagine fairy dust would look like… Fun!

  • Greg says:

    Hi Dale,
    It matters not how long it took for you to “get with the program,” what counts is that you get it now! 🙂
    Have fun! And I love what your grid looks like!

  • AJ farzad says:

    Thank you so much for this. I love visiting Abraham Hicks site and I just found you guys. This was a very helpfully tool that you explained. I know my readers will love this as well.

  • Zannie Rose says:

    I have been playing with the grid. I heard on one of the calls how Jeanette explored a helpful people grid- so I chose to use that to develop my grid muscles. It was a useful exercise in doing it for its own sake, to vibe ‘helpful people’ as I did not consciously need ‘helpful people’ so I was not doing it to try and make something happen so there was no sense of urgency. I spent 17 seconds a day at least conjuring up memories of a very helpful bus driver I interacted with a few weeks ago. I am in the process of packing to move home and I have to arrange collection of a dead washing machine that needed disconnecting. I looked to see if I could do it myself and decided that was unlikely so the next step was to book a plumber. I knew I needed to get some caps to seal off the popes and thought it would be a good idea to buy some in advance in case the plumber did not have any and I got charged extra time while he sauntered off to buy some…but that was not a simple thing to do..wont activate the frustration vibe by elaborating. So…yesterday I got home and saw the mobile caretaker hanging around outside. We had been told we would not see much of them until after the Olympics, due to extra traffic . He was pleased to see me as he needed me to sign something, and I asked if he had time to look at the pipes and tell me what caps I needed. He had a look and then offered to diconnect if for me and even pulled it out of its hole and out the door. Anything to do with my helpful people grid do you think?

  • Anonymous says:

    I love the results you are getting–keep on playing and having fun with The Grid!

  • Ha ha! Indeed, Zannie, sounds like your helpful people grid is already filling in!
    Love that story!! Thanks for sharing with us. 🙂

  • Monica says:

    All right, it’s over a year since I listened to any Abraham whatsoever, because, you know, I have my own guides now. But I have to admit, I don’t value them like I probably should.
    But that email came around today with the link to the latest Abraham video, where they mentioned this “grid,” and I remembered this headline, so I thought I’d find out what they’re talking about.
    My guides have given me this exact same thing! They call it a “matrix,” which I have to say seems a little more evocative to me, but otherwise it is the same. I have to give them more credit, clearly.
    I do want to say though, that according to my understanding, when you are fully living in that matrix of desired emotions that you have built, you are done. What the physical world around you looks like at that point is completely irrelevant. If you are feeling the way you want, you have achieved everything.
    Much love! It’s always great to have this resource. <3

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