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What Is Vibrational Marketing?

Vibrational MarketingWhat exactly is vibrational marketing?

For enquiring business minds who want to know…

Vibrational marketing is engaging the power of energetic alignment to create the results you want in your business –

  • to draw in perfect clients
  • to launch successful campaigns
  • to make a lucrative living selling your inventory or services
  • to impact the world the way you dream about.

By focusing your attention in a way that lines you up with your desire, your successful results are more reliable than relying on traditional action-oriented marketing methods alone.

Instead of relying on typical selling tactics like strategic pricing, promotion, messaging, packaging, etc., vibrational marketing is about activating the energetic frequencies that allow your highest business success to unfold.

Kryon has said that leveraging high-minded conscious thinking is our true high technology. Gregg Braden says this stuff isn’t magic or miracles – it’s just the technology we were each born with.

And for many entrepreneurs, it’s a whole new way of doing business.

Abraham-Hicks coined the term “vibrational marketing” back in 2009, and has talked about it with conscious creators over the years to leverage law of attraction in our marketing efforts. Here are some of those excerpts …

For the photographer who wants to sell more of his art:

It’s not your display; it’s not your presentation; it’s the way you feel.

It has nothing to do with anything other than your vibrational broadcast. You are the broadcaster of your signal to which law of attraction is bringing matches.

What’s your signal? Is it, “My stuff doesn’t sell,” or is it, “I am one who loves what I’m creating”? When you are a radiator of love [for what you’re offering], the crowd will gather.

From the guy ready to use law of attraction savvy marketing:

The question is are you a cooperative component or not, because your clients already are. You’re applying the majority of your marketing tactics from your place of awareness of what’s not working – which holds you apart from what’s working. Your people are already there.

What you want is already done. You’re not in the process of creating it now – it’s already been created. The marketing campaign that you are launching is not to attract the millions to your product; they’ve already been attracted. The marketing campaign you are launching it so attract you there.

And the way you do that is by talking about the beauty of it, talking about how wondrous it is, talking about how good it feels, lining up with it, pretending it’s already done.

You’ve been the missing piece because you’ve had a flawed premise that said I can act my way there rather than vibrate my way there.

Vibrational marketing enlists law of attraction to summon them to what you’re offering.

These are the prerequisites for you doing really well with your offering: you must adore it yourself, and you must believe completely in the value of it and the benefit to others. When you’re there, then those who are looking for the benefit it offers will flock to it.


From someone who mentors others to success:

What you have to say them is that, “What I do from where I’m vibrating, even if you do exactly the same thing that I did (but you do it from your place of fear or worry), you’ll get different results than I did even if you do exactly the same thing.”

Because it’s not what we do, it’s how we vibe. It’s about how we feel. It’s about the goodness we let in. And you can’t let goodness in through your action, but you can through your vibration.

Abraham on sales and marketing:

Most people apply their most determined sales techniques from outside the vortex. (“If you don’t do this, this will happen.”)

If you hold the vision of them benefiting from what you’re offering, you are more influential than millions who don’t have that.

The first thing you’ve got to do is get in the vortex and see the value of what you’re offering to them.


The essence of Abe’s message is to love it yourself (whatever you’re offering), and see others benefiting from it.

Vibrational marketing is arguably the most important (yet underrated) business skill an entrepreneur could learn.

  • June 28, 2014
  • Matt O'Grady says:

    Thanks, Jeannette, my absolute pleasure. Anything for you! 🙂 Awesome response on the investigation I so believe in asking questions, helps me everyday.
    Evan, awesome to hear you are rocking it! Congrats 🙂 Agree on the Jeannette’s Slacker Manifesting Philosophy, it can work wonders!
    Nneka, if I may, what are you bringing to the ‘inspired action’ party? Do you have your fancy happy outfit on? Is your favorite music playing in the background? Are you appreciating your awesomeness for being brave and taking the leap of faith? Are you set up with an awesome reward for yourself after you perform this inspired action? Are you asking yourself what would make this even better as you do what ever the action is? Are you focused on: “Wouldnt it be nice if ‘this inspired action’ led to this AWESOME result? or something even better?!!!! Just some quick thoughts that might help..

  • Such a good question, Nneka.
    (And Evan, thanks for pointing out Slacker Manifesting!)
    Nneka, I’d be curious to see what’s contributing to the upstreamness of the formerly inspired actions. Is it a thought that’s spoiling the party? Is it including parts you don’t love? Is it that your inspiration moves quickly?
    If I had a habit of perfectionism, for example, that was ruining my enjoyment of inspired actions, I might work on releasing that so I could get back to the joy of the actions.
    If I was running a story about how there’s not enough time for things, that might be a good one to drop, too.
    Just a little investigation might reveal how you could prolong the high vibes. 🙂

  • Thanks for the suggestion Evan:-) I just downloaded it!
    I’m looking forward to even easier manifestations.

  • Hey Nneka —
    I highly recommend buying Jeannette’s “Slacker Manifesting.” It’s dirt cheap for the benefits you get. You can find it here on her site.
    Not only will it answer your questions, but I think you’ll thoroughly enjoy her examples. You’ll see the principles demonstrated in real life situations. Plus, it’s engaging! (And a fun read.)
    Good luck —

  • Just what I needed today Jeannette! I “know” intellectually that it’s all about vibration. Yet, I get caught up in the actions.
    I do have question though…
    Sometimes I have an inspired action (actually most times). Then I start to implement and it gets REALLY upstream. What do you do at that point?
    Align then see what comes up?
    Do you get stable in the vibe of the inspired action?
    How do you know that you’re stable enough to see it through?

  • Yay for using alignment to break the “off season” rules, Evan! woo hoo!

  • I must be doing this accidentally, Jeannette — all sorts of goodness (in the form of spendable dollars) has been flowing our way . . . in our off season no less! Plus it’s been adventurous fun.
    This post is helping me see how I can prolong the flow . . . . . . !
    Thank you (again and again) —

  • Wow, Matt, that’s powerful testimony to the point I was looking to make in this post.
    Thanks for chiming in! And for offering services that make a true difference.

  • Matt O'Grady says:

    What a GRAND SLAM this post is! (and not just because you mention/link to me above, but thank you all the same!) Its just the damn truth. As you know, I have been mentoring businesses in one way or another for almost 20 years, and the Number #1 differentiator is ALWAYS Alignment. I had a client last year paying my company 75k per year, I had a team of 10 people doing tons of work, dozens of hours every week, it did not matter. The client was wayyyyy out of alignment, super stressed, very critical, success ran away and hid. Another client in a similar business paying me less than 10% of that once we got her aligned after just a few short months and she was getting all the success, opportunities, PR, clients, ease, and abundance at every turn because they were aligned. They were open, ready to receive, had faith, they had confidence, they focused on the feeling of the outcome they wanted to receive and as your blog post says, had the right vibe!
    Thank you so much for pointing out what my whole coaching business is based on! You are the best! 🙂

  • Smart approach, my friend! Lining it up first makes ALL the difference as to what unfolds, but I know I’m preaching to the choir here.
    You live this better than anyone I know, and that’s saying something!! 🙂

  • Cassie says:

    Love this detailed explanation and reminder. I have a new live event I am planning on doing. People keep asking when it’s going to be. I’ve been answering, “I don’t know. I’ve got some things to work out” (I know it’s going to be big and I’m aligning to it.”. I think I’m going to start answering, “When I’m aligned.” Cause I know when I’m aligned I’ll be attracted right into the middle of it 🙂 Thank you!

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