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What Makes a Great Manifestor

We all know someone who tells an impressive manifesting story, right?

In fact, you’ve probably got a couple of your own …

Where you made it look really easy and natural, like getting what you want wasn’t any trick at all.

  • Like when Cindie sold her car for what she wanted literally minutes after she decided to – without advertising, without negotiating, without repairing.
  • And when Janice told Spirit she wanted more money but didn’t want to work for it, and two days later she received a surprise phone call that led to a $16,000 windfall.
  • Or when my LOA-newbie client activated the “big money win” vibration for a weekend casino trip and ended up turning an IRS audit into an out-of-the-blue half million in his pocket the following week.
  • Or when the massage therapist lost her sole source of income and turned it into a huge professional upgrade without any stress or effort on her part.

I’ve been studying what makes those conscious creation experiences different from the rest, and noticed three things great manifestors consistently have in common.

But first, it surprised me what they didn’t all do:

They didn’t all have a commitment to a regular alignment practice like visualizing or pre-paving.

They weren’t all into spiritual practices like meditation, prayer or self-reflection.

It wasn’t even that they considered themselves powerful manifestors. (Some of them weren’t even that familiar with conscious creation.)

I sort of expected they’d at least be generally happy people, but even that didn’t hold true.

(It’d be really cool if I was their common denominator, but that’s not the case, either.)

Here’s what they did have in common, though:

1. Hootless.
They don’t try too hard and they don’t care too much if it comes together or not. (Read: unattached.) They take it lightly, and mostly just have fun with it. Or don’t even try at all.

It’s not their new driving mission that they focus all their attention on. Rather than obsess about it, they toss some good energy into it, and then let it go. (Or at least, things happened when they finally did let go. A few actually “gave up” in order to reach this state of hootlessness.)

2. Worthy.
They feel good about themselves in general, with a strong sense of deserving, and are quite comfortable receiving good things in life. They don’t entertain feelings of guilt or unworthiness. They don’t feel like they have to earn the reward or prove themselves worthy. They already feel a strong sense of self-worth.

3. Guided.
Rather than micromanage their desires by overworking it or overthinking it, they trust their inner guidance (aka intuition or gut, whatever they might call it). They give Universe have a starring role in the unfolding of their happy life. For some of them this is a natural way of being, for others it’s learned.

I just realized what all three of these traits have in common: an unwillingness to struggle or suffer their way there. They were light and easy, felt worthy of good things, and let Universe do its part.

Hopefully something from these common traits inspires you to engage your creative powers even better than you already are.

I, for one, am going to get more hootless about whatever I’ve been making a big deal. 🙂

PS – you can catch this as a podcast episode here.

  • May 15, 2016
  • Heather says:

    What a great analysis! And I love your podcasts, btw! 🙂

  • Mavis says:

    I’ve been following this blog for almost a year now and I simply have to say I’ve been enjoying every single one of these posts.
    I sometimes find myself trying too hard and becoming too attached to the outcome.
    Letting go is something I’m still trying to get better at.
    Thank you very much this piece, I really needed it. 🙂

  • Lawrence says:

    Surprising article, thank you! I’m pretty much committed to my spiritual / loa practices, now it’s time to reflect and re-evaluate them a bit 🙂

  • Deirdre says:

    So now I have to figure out how to become Hootless about my desires. Because I’m manifesting the little things instantly lately. It’s amazing when I think about it! 🙂

  • Cindy says:

    Hootlesness is alive and well!!!
    I couldn’t believe how easily it works.
    Just put it out there and get on with living. The universe will take care of it without you micromanaging it.
    I got a violin case, a pile of silent auction items, AND someone to help me carry it all to my car without even knowing that I was asking for it… almost just a passing thought. Great work Jeannette! I hope we can go to lunch soon. Let me know the next time you are coming downtown.

  • Janna says:

    This is an awesome post! Okay, so that part about “Janet wanting more money buy not having to work for it”. I didn’t think that was possible. How does one go about manifesting such a thing?
    Right now I work retail and would like more money but I don’t want to work full time at my particular job (just nto interested). Has anyone else found a way to get more money without working for it?
    How do you do it?

  • Maria Lesetz says:

    YES YES and YES to every single point you stated, Jeannette! And I would say that the most potent vibe that manifests beautifully is the hootlessness (<=== ha ha, spell check keeps on wanting this word to be bootlessness!!!)
    When clients ask me what I feel is the most powerful vibration to be in in order to manifest more of what you do want, I state the "making peace with what is" vibe. Sometimes, that is very hard to hear because people find it difficult to make peace with something that they don't want. But there is always a way to pivot the story you are telling yourself and let go of your attachment to what you want. We are master creators when it comes to the stories we tell ourselves, so we might as well bring that powerful wand out for the story that brings us "big-time" relief!!
    Wishing you and all your readers a Lovin' Life rest of the week! 🙂

  • Mia says:

    That’s so interesting and thought-provoking, Jeannette!
    I’ve always wondered what the secret of successful manifesting is especially since I can’t seem to make it work for myself. My hope is that someday I will “get” it, too – but maybe that’s a limiting belief at the same time …?
    From my research and the stories I’ve read I think it’s very true that successful manifestors feel worthy and deserving of getting what they want.
    I also noticed that many successful manifestors don’t simply wish for something or intend but they *ask* and even *command” what they want into existence. Those two things seem to go together: I’m worth having this and I don’t accept “no” for an answer.
    Sometimes they are not hootless, sometimes they even care a lot about the thing they want. It might even be urgent or an emergency situation but since they believe they can have it and they *will* get it, this seems to override any feeling of (negative) attachment to the results. Does this make sense?
    Also, I think successful manifestors ask for what they *really* want, they dare to ask big. No compromises, no half-hearted wishes. I got this somewhat humorous idea in my mind of God/the Universe being rather unhappy with us asking for what *we* think might be possible (we with our little human brains), like: “Child, you offend me. I want to give you the world and this is all you’re asking for?! Now tell me what you *really* want!” 😉
    Those are just my observations though …

  • Jen says:

    Thank you for always posting such inspirational reminders! It is very true- that which I have the least amount of attachment too manifests the fastest!

  • Joanne says:

    Love this post and loving ‘hootless’ I can remember several times in my life, way before I even knew about LOA where I manifested effortlessly – just by wanting something and trusting it would come to me.
    I can even remember 2 major life changes in the past few years when I was aware that I manifested like this – more trust that if it was right, it would come.
    There is much to be said about handing over to the divine, something I am now doing far more of on a consistent basis…. the universe is now my new personal assistant and business manager! <3

  • I am so grateful to GOD that I stumbled across this beautiful blog. I am already lifted by it. It’s quite amazing!

  • Teri says:

    I’ve been feeling a bit of the “shoulds” from time to time recently about not having a “daily practice”, but honestly, amazing things are happening in my life, and its so damn fun that I’ve hardly had time for anything but being grateful and amazed at how things are going.
    After reading this, I’m gonna let that one go and let the universe keep doing its thing… because she’s got it handled in the best of all ways right now 🙂

  • Kate Corbin says:

    One client has realized that the more fun she has, the more money flows to her. Another client has realized that choosing joy is what opens up her vortex. As Abraham says:”Service your happiness first and everything that matters will fill in around it.”

  • Anonymous says:

    Ive been writing in my diary as a side note, the theme I wanted for that month. “Getting job interviews” then a cartoon of me and a love heart or smiley face. Simple and fun, then forget it. The last 3 months my “themes” have all happened. Without any real effort. 🙂 I love this site. Always valuable and practical info 🙂

  • C. says:

    I’ve always said that doing too much in terms of deliberate creation can hurt our manifesting success than help it.
    For me, whenever I’m grateful and drop the attachment with a big “IDGAF!” attitude, my manifestations come through in an instant!
    This was something I had to learn thru trial and error so, it took a while before it finally clicked, lol.

    • Jeannette says:

      Frank Butterfield was just guesting for us at GVU last week when he said basically the same thing about his manifesting process! lol

  • Lizette says:

    My best manifestations happen when I’m whimsical and unattached to the outcome, which is hard when you think you “need” it. In other words the “imagine this or that” stuff manifest quickly. Hootless – I like that!

  • Elle says:

    Amen. Let’s be more simple, shall we!

  • Namaste says:

    My favorite part of this article is the word hootless =) I can’t even think it with out smiling. Such a great word to drive home the point of letting go and just enjoying the ride.

  • Thauna says:

    This is awesome!! I need to practice being hootless. I lov that idea.

  • Steffy says:

    Jeannette… you DA BOMB. Great post. Let’s all stop working so damn hard!!

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