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What’s In YOUR Name?

Even though I know the power of vibration in words, it still surprised me to hear of the country duo who didn’t accept their grammy together because they’re no longer on speaking terms.

Their band name? The Civil Wars.

(On that night did every deliberate creator cry out in unison: “oh my good lord, what were they thinking?!”)

And I loved it when a GVU member pointed out that the recent 10 million gold coin treasure was discovered literally in “gold country.”

Things like this have me paying close attention while house hunting … what’s the vibration of Forgotten Lane? Or Dry River Avenue? What would the energy be of Providence city?

Anything that has a name carries the vibration of it:

  • the name of our business or employer (Good Vibe Coaching was not chosen by chance)
  • our passwords or wifi connection (a reader’s father named their home wifi “virus” to deter others from using it – and had continual connection issues until renaming it).
  • what we call our four legged friends we share homes with (I once fostered an angry cat who arrived with the name “Monster.” Rehab began with renaming her Serenity.)
  • even our own names – just look at Tiger Woods, Usain Bolt orΒ Chris Moneymaker.

I know people who name their cars, domiciles, jewelry, their dreams – shoot, even their shoes. Β 

It’s true that we don’t all flow the same energy about the same word, so it’s worth paying attention to our personal energetic response when we have an opportunity to choose the words that make up our lives.

Even if it’s just consciously choosing a positive perspective or favorable interpretation of a given name – that allows us to leverage law of attraction in our favor.

For example, had I known better at the time, I could have found a way to appreciate my married name which was literally defined as “a contemptible person” or “one who removes animal pelts.” (I was an animal rights activist!) Or I could have just kept my maiden name.

Most of us probably aren’t going to change our given names (although I know someone who altered her spelling to enhance numerology auspiciousness), but there are plenty of other ways we could have fun with the vibrations flowing here.

What are some ways you’ve introduced good vibrations to your world through the power of a name?

PS – if you’re interested in this topic, you’re invited to join Anna Diehl and I for a discussion about the vibration of words at GVU later this month.

  • March 2, 2014
  • Nicole says:

    So funny Jeannette that you talk about choosing paint colors just because of the name. I’ve done that.
    I painted a home office in “Jekyll Island Plantation Green” or some such because I like Jekyll Island. I don’t even like green. But the room came out gorgeous and I loved spending time in there.

  • That is SO cool, Carolyn!! Your post is giving me a huge smile this morning.

  • Carolyn English Name Meaning – Joy. Song of happiness.
    Carolyn Italian Name Meaning – Variant of Caroline: Strong.
    Kennedy is ‘helmeted chieftan’.
    Hertz German Name Meaning – my strife. NOT surprising I reacted to it. πŸ™‚
    So since my first name means strong JOY & my chosen surname means Injoy-Life. I can put on my Chief’s Kennedy helmet to protect me from any strife…..makes sense to me.
    I am really enjoying ALL your articles. Thank you.

  • Such a good point, Carolyn, to consider the sound of the name, too.
    Brilliant answer you’ve got here for your situation! (Love your chosen surname.)

  • I have chosen for the last nine years to use the surname Injoy-Life even though it’s not my ‘legal’ name. I haven’t researched the meaning of first name Carolyn or middle name Kennedy. I love my Hubby dearly but our joint last name Hertz SOUNDS like hurts & I am not thrilled to use that. I’ve had far more surgical pain in my life than I’ve wanted & don’t want to attract more. Off to research meanings now to change the vibrations. Thank you for a thought provoking article.

  • Oh my, Pamela! How interesting to hear that!
    (Makes one wonder if that was name chosen on purpose with the knowledge of its meaning?) This might be a good time for a nickname, huh?
    And yes, Jacqui – I LOVE your label-changing work! πŸ™‚

  • Pamela says:

    I so believe this!! My girlfriend has a daughter with a lot of issues…she is trouble from the get go. My mom the other day said to me when we were talking about my friend’s troubled daughter…”you know she should never have given her that name!”
    I don’t want to put the name on here in case I’m found out but the meaning behind the name is “Welsh Witch” I don’t know I envision alot of darkness with that meaning!

  • Oh yes, I’m living proof of the power of words, and particularly the ones we choose to call ourselves by.
    Because, even if we’re not aware of their vibration, they ARE vibrating and if we use them often enough, we cannot help but align. (hence my passion for ‘label-changing’)
    Like Cassie mentioned, I’m also one who won’t buy a lipstick with a crappy-vibe name, or a paint colour for that matter. We once looked at a house on Hemlock Lane … seriously! It was a no from the beginning lol

  • Ha! Good one, Jessica. πŸ™‚
    Savannah, you have such a gorgeous name, I assume it’s your last name you’re playing with. At any rate, how fun to pick for yourself!!

  • Savannah says:

    Reminds me of how I won’t buy a lipstick with a name that turns me off.
    I’m in the process of changing my name and this is really making me think long and hard about my motive behind the names I have picked for myself.

  • Jessica says:

    Thanks Jeanette! I think I will rename my tummy “flat”.

  • What a brilliant practice, Cassie!
    I’ve been known to choose paint colors because I liked their name. lol I never thought of writing on the wall before painting it – very cool idea to get the vibes activated that we want!
    Thanks for posting.

  • Cassie says:

    One of the ways I play with is with paint colors. I won’t paint something on my wall like elephant tears or anything else that I don’t want in my life and doesn’t ring my bell. I distantly pick them. Mall living room wall is painted with Bahli Bliss. And the walls of dressing space are painted with a color that has to do with ballroom dancing and Mardi Gras. For me Mardi Gras represents fun and I love ballroom dancing and want more of it. This seemed the the perfect colors to surround my wardrobe. I love activating words. I also write all over the wall with positive words and intentions before I paint. I actually did two layers in my dressing space (it’s pretty sacred to me). I hand wrote with a pencil and then I took the paint and painted words before covering the whole wall with paint. I’m looking forward to the discussion at GVU!

  • I did not know that about your name, Deanna!
    And as soon as I read it I thought, “Well, of course.” (Knowing YOU, after all!)

  • Deanna says:

    This post got me so excited and intrigued that I researched the meaning of my name, first, middle, last (born with, which is now my middle… ) and married.. well – turns out, I am a Divine Goddess… Golden… and strong, fierce, wise and talented in many different ways – now those are some characteristics I would Love to have – and they are all in my name(s)!!! I would highly encourage anyone to go research the meaning of your name! you will find some wonderful, delightful things about your name to be very happy about – who wouldn’t want to be a divine goddess who is talented in many ways? I sure do! thanks for writing this post Jeannette… I am going to be paying a whole lot more attention the vibration of names of places, streets etc and finding the GOOD in it… wow. so cool. everyone – go learn some exciting empowering things about your name! -Deanna

  • Wow, yeah, not such an auspicious city name, huh, Steve? !!
    Maybe the creators of it have a great story behind it. lol

  • Steve says:

    I am glad for this post. For I don’t know how long I have been commenting on people’s names, street names and city names that to me aren’t right. It may not be the name itself but it may sound a but off. For example there is a town around here called Euless, just something about it seemed off. I said I wondered why they didn’t change the name. Then I heard someone on the radio mistakenly pronounce it “Useless”, he corrected himself; I said maybe that’s what I’m finding so odd about that name. This is the first time I’ve seen this addressed.

  • ROFL! That’s hilarious, Nicole!
    I love how you’ve drawn such STRENGTH from your given name!

  • Nicole says:

    Oh, forgot about this part: an old boyfriend used to refer to me as Radzi-WON’T when I was being stubborn with him πŸ™‚

  • Nicole says:

    My last name is Radziwill. I remember my mom used to make comments about how it really was Radz-I-WILL when I was being stubborn or doggedly pursuing a goal. Never has willpower been an issue for me… for stuff I actually want to do/not do.

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