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When Expectations Don’t Match Results?

Law of Attraction Mystery: When Expectations Don't Match ResultsYou don’t have to play this LOA game for long before you bump into a situation where it seems like there’s a discrepancy between our expectations and results.

As in, you totally expected to get the job, but didn’t.

Or you didn’t think that anything good would happen on that date, but it was amazing!

Sometimes what we expect and what we get don’t seem to match up.

But how can that be if our reality is unfolding according to our thoughts?

I usually attribute it to misconceptions about what we’re really vibrating or to the buffer of time, but does that always explain it?

Play along for a second, please, because I’d love your opinion about this …

Yesterday a friend  shared about how she was looking at a particular “fad” diet she felt major skepticism about, but after all the rave reviews eventually got curious enough to try it.

She’s now experiencing amazing  results, reporting “no way” is this just about her vibration. This very LOA savvy creator insists there has to be more to the story – chemical or biochemical – because it isn’t just about the emotions.

I just chalked her experience up to lack of awareness about what her energetic focus really is, because it’s always about the vibration. No exceptions.

But then I thought about this subject again today when I wondered whether I needed to tell my two exes what to expect with the new crystals I gave them.

I myself have amazing results from playing with these crystals – but would they, too, if they didn’t expect to?

Did I get great results because I knew what the crystals were supposed to do? Or would they still work for someone who doesn’t know what the rocks do?

This is why the FDA requires double blind tests on new drugs before they go to market, right? Because drug makers have to prove there really is something happening above and beyond the placebo effect.

And yet, I’ve played with enough crystals to know that even when I didn’t know what they “did,” I got results. So how could it be my “knowing” what would happen when I didn’t actually know?

Maybe Bashar can shed some light on this (from his clip about Permission Slips):

The power does not exist in those objects or rituals – no real effect comes from them. We understand of course that in physical reality when something is crystallized in a physical way of course it has its own attributes. Such things as crystals are obviously representative of certain kinds of energy patterns, yes.

But nevertheless the point is that regardless what attribute the object, idea, tool or technique may have inherently … it still doesn’t really create any effect within you or do anything for you unless you choose to match the frequency of the idea it symbolizes for you.

So you are generating the effect yourself out of your own energy but what you are doing is relying on your belief system (which sometimes can be unconscious) to attract to you the symbol that best reflects the vibration within you, that will allow you permission to be yourself.

Does that mean my friends don’t have to consciously know what the crystals offer in order to be affected by them?

Or maybe that those rocks can sit in their pockets all week long and not have a single solitary effect on them if they weren’t already lined up with something good happening.

In my fad diet friend’s example, I could say that her vibration obviously shifted when her skepticism turned to wonder, and that’s what allowed good results.

But I’ve had a couple dramatic experiences myself when I was just playing with an LOA exercise that I didn’t really think would do anything (I was just doing it so I could say I did) – and yet it totally rocked my world. In those situations, I suspect it was my lightness and lack of attachment that allowed positive change.

Curious to hear your thoughts on the topic …

Have you ever had the experience of getting results different than you expected? If so, how’d you explain that as a deliberate creator?

  • March 27, 2013
  • I think another good point about this is our innate wisdom. Sometimes our higher selves jump in and a Universal truth opens up… Like your greater consciousness knows and draws to you what is in your best interest at the moment. I would say this probably happens more often for deliberate creators who release their reins and are very good at allowing…and who really trust their internal guidance systems.

  • Payge says:

    This is EXACTLY the kind of thing I have been struggling with too! I have noticed that if I am really looking forward to something, it always turns out badly or I end up not having a good time. If I am NOT looking forward to something/dreading it/having anxiety about it, I end up having a great time! It happens so frequently that I am afraid to look forward to anything anymore because if I do, I usually don’t have a good time. This goes against everything I’ve read about LOA and I’m really confused.

  • Sian Stargazer says:

    Hello, All!!!
    I remember a day that illustrates the vibrational mismatch. It was a day in which I woke up on the proverbial wrong side of the bed; I was mad as hell!!! Don’t remember why. And to cap it off, I was going to school that day to finish course work for the hypnotherapy certification course I was completing. I didn’t wanna do anything but stay home alone.
    But I needed to get the work done so I went anyway. I remember that cheery little voice in my head trying to coach me into a better mood,to no avail (cuz I hate it when other people try to nudge out of a so-called bad feeling; it will go away on its own).
    The point I want to make is this: everything in that day went perfectly. My mood did not alter all day long. I was just grumpy. Buses appeared magically for me; no waiting. Everything I needed just appeared without effort on my part.
    To this day this still confuses me. I asked a friend about it & she felt that I had built up “good karma.” However, since I feel that karma as a word has too many negative connotations for me, I dismissed her assessment.
    On the other side of this, just recently I applied for a job I was certain I would get only to get a form-letter email informing me that I didn’t get the job!!!
    I have no thoughts on why this is. According to the way LOA is supposed to work, good feelings will produce good results (I felt good about getting the job) & so called bad feelings will produce result in vibration with it (I felt rotten but had a perfect day). My experiences tell me that there’s more to the LOA than meets the eye; that’s my only explanation.

  • You two have definitely got me feeling out the vibrational distinctions between belief and expectation. Thanks for the inspiration to explore that!
    And Nancy, your thoughts on this are much appreciated!!

  • Aw, geez, Jeannette…now I am going to have to write a whole blog post response!
    Did you do that on purpose, my friend?
    Many blessings,

  • Natalie says:

    Ah! This is a classic paradox that skeptics of LOA jump on.
    Can you have expectation without belief? Or belief without expectation? After all, if you believe something will happen isn’t that just about the definition of expectation? And You can’t really expect something if you don’t believe it. Right?
    But understanding that everything is vibration and following on MissyB’s thought, I think that often ‘expectation’ is at a lower vibrational level than belief. Something in the subconscious is doubting. When that happens it feels harsh or sharp.
    When expectation and belief are aligned, it feels smooth, not anxious. If you are constantly checking for whatever to occur, you are feeling some anxiousness. Not accepting that it will happen in it’s own time and in it’s own way.

  • Thanks. Ella. 🙂
    I’m going to believe that good things will happen for everyone involved, one way or another. Can’t go wrong with that, right? And yay for pretty talismans! hee hee

  • Ella says:

    It works like Talisman! I mean — it´s more about US believing in talisman,as long as we believe, — it works like magic!
    p.s. Thanks for your blog, Jeannette!

  • What a great example, Stacy!! I’ll be remembering that one.
    Deborah, way to get our attention back where it’s really powerful. THANK YOU for that!!

  • Deborah says:

    I love MissyB’s distinction between the smooth feeling of “belief” (which is faith, essentially) and the harsher, pointy-edged feeling of “expectation.” I hadn’t been able to put my finger on it before, but now I feel like the main difference between the two is an attachment to results: belief/faith is about the process; expectation is about the results showing up in a particular way.
    Which connects to your question about tell vs. not-tell. I’ve been thinking about this for a day now — it feels to me like the whole conundrum is about HOW the results show up, which isn’t our job, right? Universe will perfectly orchestrate the particulars. Our job is simply to love our friends and support their total well-being.
    If that prompts us to offer them a gift of some kind — either known or unknown to them — then we give it and relinquish attachment with an open heart. Our gift may or may not be part of THEIR process, but it is surely part of OUR process in supporting their well-being. Does that make sense?

  • Stacy | Online Reputation Marketing says:

    Ohhh, Christina – you bring up a good point about when you expect things to happen and they don’t it could be because it wasn’t in your true best interest/wasn’t what it seemed.
    I had a CLEAR reminder of that yesterday. I was talking with a friend whose husband had talked to me TWICE about doing marketing for his business. But then he’d never bother to call or follow through even when he’d SAID it was a go. (So in other words he didn’t actually become a client.) Well, I’m talking to this friend for the first time in nearly a year (which was when I’d last met with her husband about marketing stuff) and turns out they are getting a divorce because he is a sociopath. And he has run his business into the ground. What I took away from that – it is a GOOD thing he ended up ignoring me/not following through as it would NOT have been good to have him as a client. He likely wouldn’t have paid or who knows what else.

  • All right, Sharne, so what I’m taking away from your post is that I should just relax and that’s probably the best thing I could do. No more second thoughts for me. lol
    And yay, Christina, for the reminder that there’s more than one way to get what we want! WOO HOO for that!

  • Christina says:

    We had this happen with the possibility of a rent-free house / part-time job. We were so sure we would get it, then it went to someone else and they didn’t even call us back about it. We were really upset, but the way I explain it is even though I’d done the “wouldn’t it be nice if…” game and then had this opportunity present itself, there must have been something about the opportunity that wasn’t as it seemed. Maybe it wouldn’t have ended up being a good fit for us. We’ll never know, though, but I did manifest the opportunity to live rent-free, so I know the opportunities are out there and available.

  • Sharne says:

    Lately I have seen lots of things appear in my life, so what I’m experiencing is these ‘things’ that are appearing I don’t have any resistance to, I don’t have any attachment to whether they appear or not, no underlying belief attached to a past conditioned response. I would say that matches Abrahams teaching based on the rocket was sent out and I was already in alignment with what it is I wanted, I didn’t need to get into alignment, didn’t give it a second thought!

  • Ah, Stacy, I’ve had that same experience with pray rain journaling! lol
    It took me a bit to figure out the difference was my attachment. The first time I did it was “hootless,” the second time was to make something happen. And I was a little nervous it wouldn’t work again. Far from hootless.
    This vibration management stuff is such an art, isn’t it?!

  • Stacy | Online Reputation Marketing says:

    I think how you summed things up really explains it – it’s not so much the expectation as the attachment to it. With the example of expecting to get the job but not getting it – usually there’s not as much letting go and thus attachment and NEED for that job.
    Meanwhile thinking that a date is not going to go well – that person has let go of a lot of attachment to a GOOD date and thus that’s why it happens to go well anyway.
    It really is dawning on me how much vibration has to do with it – even with dieting. For example, back in the day when I first did the Atkins diet I lost a lot of weight fast and pretty easy. I’d go off that diet and then much later I’d try it again – with the expectation I’d do well on it because of my success before – and it would be a flop. I think that the 2nd time I had a lot of attachment to it HAVING to go well. Or some other vibe in the mix. Because if you were to base it purely on actions and what I ate – I should have had success the 2nd time too.
    Things that make you go…hmmmm…. 🙂

  • Yay for “hootlessness,” Michelle! And I agree with you that it’s easy for us to not be completely clear about what we’re vibrating.
    Thank you for the reminder that MY intention matters, too. That helps me get straight about what I want rather than wondering whether they’ll be on board or not.

  • I think sometimes we “think” we are vibrating a certain way when we really aren’t. There is some resistance that we aren’t consciously aware of that causes us not to experience the results we think we should. It gives as a clue that we need to relax about it more. I usually turn to the Sedona Method in those cases and practice letting go, until I’m “hootless” about it, meaning I don’t give a hoot if I manifest it or not. Then, I usually get it. Things that we don’t expect to work can because we aren’t attached.
    As for the crystals, I think the fact that you believe it will have an impact is enough, so it depends on how you think they would feel. Sometimes if I think my husband won’t “get” something LOA, I do it for him anyway and it still works.

  • Oooh, Jackie … did you read about the prayer studies they did a while ago? Maybe it was from Lynne McTaggart’s Intention Experiment? Where they tested the effectiveness of praryer?
    It seems to me that the group that KNEW they were being prayed for had different results than the ones that didn’t.
    But for the life of me, I can’t remember the details. I may look it up if someone here doesn’t remember for me.
    This is such an interesting discussion – thanks everyone for posting on it!

  • Jackie says:

    I’m having the same thoughts about something I did for a friend. My friend is very seriously ill. I had the opportunity to send some photos to John of God so I printed a photo of him, wrote a request for healing on the back and over nighted it to the person who was going. I haven’t told anyone connected to my friend that I did it and I don’t know if I’m going to or not partly because I don’t know what they would think about it but partly because I don’t know what kind of expectation they would have around it.

  • That makes sense.
    What you’re making me think, Helen, is that there’s different ways to “expect” something – one with a charge (need) associated where it’s a big deal and we really want it to happen – and the other where we don’t give it much thought at all. I know from experience how powerful that “allowing” is!
    Peregrine John, you’re making me wonder about what an example of a prop vs. a power tool might be?

  • Peregrine John says:

    Bashar is flatly correct: Either the crystals have power or they don’t. If it works with or without belief, the power is in the crystals. If belief is needed, they are a prop, and in that case the power is in the believer, not the object. Power tools are useful; so are symbols and mnemonics. It is useful to be aware of which one is dealing with at a given moment, a good way to avoid disappointment and disillusionment when one is mistaken for the other.

  • helen says:

    I have had things manifest opposite to what I thought would happen & then some that occurred exactly as I wanted them too and never been able to repeat it. I think it has to do with vibration and when we have an expectation most times we are somehow kinking the vibration ….when things worked i must say I was really happy and not even thinking about getting any result at all…I have an idea that when the expectation of something is uppermost in our mind we also carry its opposite the lack of that happening so either nothing happens or we get a sort of wishy washy happening that isn’t as satisfying as we hoped it would be. I think when we keep asking and hoping and expecting we are probably in vibrational opposition to the thing we want……..where if we can just ask, know that the answer is yes and then just drop it and go get happy about our lives things seem to work …..but we cant force that acceptance thing by thinking about getting into the mode of acceptance ……….am I making sense or just rambling? Now I know what Abraham means about language difficulties in getting a concept across …I know what I am trying to say but I’m not sure I am saying it 🙂

  • Judy, I just love you!! “… but I really, really like them. And that’s good enough for me!”
    With a vibe flowing like that, you couldn’t go wrong! Here’s to pretty crystals in the home and garden.

  • I sell gemstones and crystals of various types and sizes in my store. I have had a geode full of quartz points literally manifest on the floor of my old chevy van and I have found large pieces of citrine on walks at a local former ski slope. I put big pieces of quartz,rose quartz and amethyst and other stones all around my gardens and all over my home. I have lots of books on their purported properties. Do I think they “do” something? Lots of folks do. But I have absolutely no idea if they do or don’t, or what they do or don’t. But I really, really like them. And that’s good enough for me!

  • MissyB, the fertile ground thing makes good sense to me. That’s the vibrational alignment piece, right?
    That Fast Diet wasn’t the one my friend was working with, but I have to say I ran across the 5:2 thing the other day and it looked SO much easier than most traditional diets!

  • MissyB says:

    Belief. I think believing something will happen is different to expecting it to happen. Belief is a smooth feeling to me. Expectation feels harsh. I’m not sure I’ve ever had a 100% conscious belief in something, so perhaps that’s why my outcomes don’t quite match my belief.
    As for the crystals – I think sowing seeds on ground not prepared will struggle, but sowing seeds on fertile ground stand a chance. If the recipients are “fertile ground”, I think you are merely sowing seeds for them to grow. If they are “barren ground” then your crop may not grow.
    And finally – is your friend on the the 5:2 diet ? I believed in the diet and it’s worked wonders for me 🙂

  • Nail on the head, my friend. Nail on the head.
    Thanks for the immediate insight into my own situation!

  • Thomas Warner says:

    Yes, I am experiencing this right now. It’s a vibrational mismatch…. i have that with my neighbor and her dogs. I am expecting one response but keep getting another and just keep sinking deeper into her negative energy. I am actually allowing my vibration to lower, which is so out of character for me.
    In the crystal case, as in mine… I think it is important to look at the true intention of our actions and what we “really” want.

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