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When You Need It Bad

need doesn't work in deliberate creation
From a law of attraction perspective, you know what it means to need something really bad, right?

In case you haven’t already figured it out through personal experience, it basically means you’re out of luck.

Because the more you need something, the more you push it away.

That’s due to that little “like attracts like” principle ruling our Universe. When you’re flowing the feeling of Need, all you can attract are results that reinforce that feeling. Which means feelings like Satisfaction, Fulfillment and Relief are far far away.

All you get is more “Need.”

So what does an LOA savvy creator do when they find themselves needing something bad, whether it’s $650 by Friday, good test results, a green light, this dress to fit, or whatever else you may be feeling desperately needy about?

Here are a few tips to help unload the Need so you can finally get what you want:

1) Take a deep breath. Seriously, just a good dose of oxygen will help recalibrate your vibe and start to shake up that “need” feeling you’ve been entertaining.

2) Remember what matters. Repositioning to a higher perspective can help release the need. Like, when I feel needy that my sweetheart understand how wrong he is – once I’m aware I’m in the grip of Need, I remind myself what really matters: everyone’s here (dogs and cats all accounted for), everyone’s healthy, and there’s chocolate in the cupboard. Relief!

3) Question the thought. Very often we scare ourselves about consequences that aren’t real, aren’t likely, or aren’t actually as bad as we thought.

Byron Katie’s Work can be helpful when we’re believing something that causes negative feelings. Is it true?  Can you know that it’s true? How does that thought make you feel?

How would you feel if you couldn’t think that thought? And then a golden turnaround.

There’s never been a time these questions haven’t offered me at least SOME relief.

4) Satisfy the feeling now. How would you feel when you get this thing/person you need? Find a way to feel that way now. That takes this thing (or person) off the hook for making you feel better and also puts you in immediate vibrational alignment.

It’s from that place of alignment (and no longer needing it in order to feel better) that lets it manifest in your experience.

So, that’s all well and good, but what about those who report getting what they want only after they reach their darkest hour?

Maybe you’ve even experienced it yourself … like when you’re down to your last nickel and your intention for $1,000 finally appears. Or maybe it’s not until you’re on the verge of eviction that you manifest a job.

How is it that sometimes it seems like getting especially desperate is what makes the Universe give in?

A variety of things could be at work here. I think sometimes this situation has to do with the “set points” we each hold as to how good and how bad we’re willing to let it get.

Some of us tolerate more struggle than others, but once we hit that trigger point, we bounce back from it.

Or sometimes it’s that once things look especially bleak, we throw in the towel which releases the last of the resistance we were flowing. And that opens the door for good news from Universe.

I’ve personally experienced it where getting to that point is what makes me put my foot down once and for all – inspiring a sort of demanding, authoritative tone with Universe which seems to generate results, too.

And, if I’ve learned anything by now, it’s that YOU ALL have insightful perspectives to the best questions! So I’m opening it up for comments … what are your thoughts and experiences when it comes to Need and Successful Manifesting?

  • April 29, 2009
  • Jeannette says:

    Needing a miracle is often a good way to block one, Martina. But if you could dial up the belief stronger, then the “need” dissipates.
    (Partly because need comes from thinking we aren’t going to get it – so when belief is present, need isn’t so much.)
    As far as whether one can manifest a billion dollars fast – it all depends on whether one could truly expect/believe in it. Like, I don’t believe I could really fly if I jumped off the building, so it’s not likely to work for me. lol
    But that isn’t a failure of law of attraction; it’s just a limitation of what I believe is possible.

  • Martina says:

    There is something that I want to manifest very badly and I just don’t believe that if I don’t get it it’s supposed to be for my own good. I have read a lot of articles on miracles and how they can happen and the replies to your post have been very encouraging. I just need to manifest a miracle!

  • Martina says:

    I’m a very big fan of the law of attraction and I have always wondered whether or not one could manifest a billion dollars fast?

  • Pete says:

    A thought on whether there is a God or not. I see praying as meditation/visualising and trusting in an *external* source, like God, is a great way of releasing resistance and handing it over to the Universe.
    I believe the power is within us as vibrational beings but perhaps that concept is just too overwhelming that it’s convenient and soothing to see God as the one who makes it all happen.
    Nice idea though, don’t you think?

  • Pete says:

    This blog post is making me cry! I’m astounded at the wisdom and collaboration of this group and as I write this I get images of you all in a party room throwing joy at each other while giggling. Some of the joy lands on others and some are ducking and the joy is going ‘splat’ on the wall!
    I’m experiencing very tight finances right now and am wondering how rent and other bills are going to get paid. I began studying LOA a few months back and it all makes sense. I’ve achieved intense serenity and joy since then, the kind I haven’t experienced for decades, my relationship with my wife is going from good to even ‘gooder’, my health is very good yet the money flow is stuck.
    Earlier this year I was in the same spot, thinking about ‘weeks to live’ (I know that’s not the right way to dwell on stuff). I was desperated, really! I get a call out of the blue to work for an ex-client on a lucrative contract. I made a stack of cash but the contract was cut short and I’m now in the same position after 9 months with no further work.
    I’m still intrigued as to how I manifested this big money. This was before my LOA journey and I can’t say I threw in the towel and gave up resistance. There were times of intense desperation too, of course, but … oh, I just know!
    I think of the thoughts I had at the time of the call and also how I felt once I got the money. If I had the money I wouldn’t do much more than I’m doing now I don’t think, except for holidays overseas etc. I just want the relief of paying the bills, I guess. One thing I can say is that I can feel serenity and joy much more easily and irrespective of my circumstances and THOSE are the skills I want to have under my belt as I go through my life.
    So, I came across this post and I landed on Coach T.I.A.’s comment on whether our thoughts and desires can be overrided: “Universe … is creating that bigger better thing (or lesson to learn from”. I wonder if Universe (me) is holding off on delivering that next job/stack of cash until I can truly get to know myself with all this time off work and before I move onto the next phase of my life. What do you think?
    Sometimes I FEEL it and it’s exciting. It’s thrilling, too, to read each of these blogs and comments – THANKKSSSS!!

  • Jessica says:

    Oops– I should say the basic Work procedure–is it true, what’s the opposite, how would I feel with that opposite–is fine. It’s her more in-depth questioning that doesn’t click with me.

  • Jessica says:

    (First, hello! Great blog! Having lots of fun with the Lakshmi mantra!)
    I’m one of those who seems to get to the point of desperation and panic before something happens. So, there’s obviously something in my belief system that allows in only 11th-hour “demonstrations,” to use a New Thought term (for lack of a better one). How would I pull myself out of that? Just repeatedly doing the questioning you mention above (is this true, etc.)? At this point, I don’t know what the specific belief is, other than something to do with failing or near-failing.
    I’ve tried to follow Byron Katie’s Work, but it doesn’t mesh that well with me (same with Abraham-Hicks). Afformations appear to take a while if they deal with a huge belief of mine (but are lots of fun when it’s a small belief).
    Thanks. 🙂

  • Carly Fortin says:

    I am a big fan of Byron Katie! That way of thinking (or un-thinking) changed my life, and I’ve watched it change several of my client’s lives as well!

  • Karanime says:

    My God.
    Earlier, I was talking about how I’m so unnecessarily attached to social acceptance, and a friend of mine advised me to “destroy all hope.” He’s a cynical sort, but he meant this.
    And now I know. 🙂
    Holy crap.

  • Judiesjuice says:

    Adrienne, sounds good to me 🙂

  • Adrienne says:

    I just had this same convo with a friend who is also learning about the LOA: are we creators or co-creators? I *think* we are co-creators (b/c if I was the only one in control, I’d get it exactly as I want it, limited and all 😉 e.g., I’d get exactly the guy I want, not him “or better”). So, I agree with you; I think we create what we desire, then let go (if able, lol), and then let the quantum field/Universe/God/etc. (our accomplice 😉 ) deliver to us the best possible solution that matches our vibe.

  • Judiesjuice says:

    Hello Adrienne, thank you for your post! As I’ve written, I have been thinking about this subject a lot recently. I grew up Catholic but have always considered myself more spiritual than religious, have been practicing LOA as a child without even knowing that I was doing that!
    At this point, I believe I am a co-creator of my life with God/Source/Universe. I lost my Mom over 8 years ago and I KNOW I have her helping me.
    It’s like, say someone says “I’ve had enough, I’m letting the Universe handle it.” So, then, clearly, that person believes there is something “out there” that is helping them?
    Hmm, perhaps Jeannette will create a separate post on this subject- is there a Universe/God? Hint hint 🙂

  • Adrienne says:

    I just took an INCREDIBLE weekend seminar with Dr. Joe Dispenza (who was in “What The Bleep?” and wrote the book “Evolve Your Brain”). The seminar was called “Breaking the Habit of Being You”, and it’s based on his next book (hopefully out in the fall and will be much more of a how-to than his first book, which I read cover to cover).
    What I’ve come to learn is that there IS a something “out there” (the quantum field) that is connected to, AND therefore responds to, what’s “in here” (my Infinite Mind/my Divine Intelligence, etc.) You could also replace both out and in things with the word “God”, as I think most religions teach that God is within all of us (in addition to being “out there”).
    Now, the way that Dr. Joe started the workshop was by saying [paraphrasing based on my scribbled notes], “Wake up and create your destiny. You ARE the creator of your destiny. Most people do NOT believe/know that thoughts/feelings create their destiny; if they did, they would never skip a day without waking up and creating it.”
    So, I do hear what you’re saying about feeling sad to think that there’s not some outside force that is completely separate from you [although you didn’t write this qualifier, that’s how I’m interpreting what I read] to “help” you, but the way my mind works (hee hee as someone who likes to control), I get MORE comfort (and therefore, peace) from KNOWING that I don’t have to rely on (i.e., be beholden to the “whims” of) some “arbitrary” outside force. Rather, I have complete control to create whatever it is I want– especially because I am ALWAYS communicating (via my subconscious and conscious thoughts and feelings) with what is “out there”!
    Dr. Joe said something else (amongst a zillion other things) that really stuck with me: we as humans tend to react to experiences (things we see, hear, feel, etc. – take in through our 5 senses) versus creating our experiences (very Abraham-ish, too). I loved that.

  • Judiesjuice says:

    Thank you for expanding on that Coach T.I.A. It is food for thought for me and something that I have been contemplating recently. It does make me sort of sad though to think that there isn’t “anything” or “anyone” out there to help.
    Please feel free to share if you have other thoughts 🙂 Thank you!

  • I used to believe that there was a higher power out there and now I believe the same power that is out there is in us, and comes from us. Having said that I still ask the Universe for what I want but I think less of it as a dual world and more non-duality, ie, we are one.
    I guess what I am saying is that God and a higher power is an external manifestation of what is IN is. We tend to think of Him/It as outside of us cos it seems unfathomable to imagine that is is US creating our world…
    Food for thought!

  • Judiesjuice says:

    Coach T.I.A- that is so interesting! I never thought to think that something inside of us was creating that “bigger and better” result. I love that!!! Do you (or anyone else) thinks that there is a God or a bigger source out there besides us? I’m not sure if I am asking the right question! But, say you are having a problem and you need help. Would you pray/ask/affirm to God/Universe/Source or would you just ask yourself for the answer? Goodness, am I making any sense at all? LOL! I hope someone out there understands me! I guess basically I’m asking- is there really a God/Higher Source that we can ask for help or are we really on our own with our thoughts?

  • Yes someone did, JudiesJuice. The Universe is created by us, so something within us is creating that bigger better thing (or lesson to learn from) .. I kinda use the term Universe loosely. WE are the Universe… 🙂 Thanks for pointing that out!

  • Judiesjuice says:

    Coach T.I.A- your answer reminds me of the post on “getting my husband back” (I’m sure I have the actual blog post incorrect) but didn’t someone ask if the Universe can override your requests?

  • Then I would know it wasn`t in my highest interest and something bigger and better is coming my way 😀

  • Judiesjuice says:

    What if you think you reached “the end” and then what you want to manifest still doesn’t manifest?

  • I just saw I wrote a “peace of paper” instead of piece .. that is rather telling, don’t you think 😉 Last night I also got invited on a 4 day road trip across the rockies (I’ve been wanting to do that for ages!) and got lots of attention from cute fellas .. heehee GO UNIVERSE!

  • This can happen to me on a daily basis! Whenever I forget to take it easy, I’m back to living a life of frustration and fear, neediness and wanting.
    I got so caught up in this 2 days ago that I had a real spiritual tantrum telling the Universe it sucked and was p***ing me off and where do you get off knowing what the best timing is for me etc and I want it NOW NOW NOW!
    Gosh, it was a REAL TANTRUM!! I raved I ranted I cursed I got all cross eyed for about 5 min. Then I calmed down and got out a peace of paper, wrote down the top 5 things I wanted in my personal and professional life, stuck it on the wall and said:
    “This is YOUR JOB Universe, it’s time to step up to the plate and do your part by July 09. That’s IT!!”
    I let go. That list is NO longer my concern. It’s the U’s job and I know it’s gonna step up. Woohooo I don’t have to worry about it anymore!!
    Since then, peace. Sheer peace. At the bus stop a day later I started chatting with a sweet girl who ended up taking my # etc cos she wants coaching. At the same time, a girl came out from the shop we were standing outside who I’d met 3 days ago and said she wanted to book coaching sessions with me. Ohhhhkayyy … wowwww…
    OK then I still trust you Universe and I believe you DO have perfect timing but tell me if my little tantrum didn’t make you speed things up just a little bit ;)?
    Oh .. Jeannette!! I just saw the end of your post about being firm and putting your foot down. Lol ..I started typing before I had finished reading it all – how cool that I had the same experience you wrote about!? Far out!!

  • Mitch says:

    I have heard Abraham say a few times that we can get caught up when we try to “make” something happen, and that we need to remember that what we want is already done and we just need to allow it in. This has been my problem in the past. I “effort” the allowing a little too much, instead of just letting the Universe do its job. Then when I finally get so needy and frustrated that I give up, that’s when I inadvertently get out of the way and things happen for me. 🙂
    It’s also a matter of trusting that we *really* don’t have to do all the work in spite of what our lives may have been like until now. So in times of desperation, when we honestly can’t think of anything else to do, we hand it over to a greater power. Which, of course, gets us what we want.

  • Judiesjuice says:

    Jeanette, thanks for revealing you did not make it past Day 3. We won’t hold it against you 😉 Hee hee!
    Gillian, thank you for the information. I’ve also read that some people do it 2x a day. I did it once today (and oddly enough, as I was chanting, all I wanted to do was fall asleep. It was so strange!). I’m going to do it again before bed.

  • Gillian says:

    Hi Judiesjiuce,
    To tell you the truth, I recite the Lakshmi mantra way more than just 2 mala a day. I recite it up to 10 mala a day when time permits. Reciting the mantra twice a day or once a day is up to you, most experts tell you to do it twice a day. I don’t think it matters, as long as you chant a minimum of 1 mala a day, not less. I also advise not to stop chanting at day 40. The 40 day discipline is just the minimum to lock in the vibration from the mantra, but I think to really begin seeing the benefits of the mantra, one should keep on chanting/reciting way longer than just 40 days.
    I sure would like to hear other successful stories about this mantra.

  • Judiesjuice says:

    Gillian, thank you for sharing your story. That is incredible!! Your post made me laugh as I wondered “did she continue chanting while on the trip?” Hee hee! Question- why did you recite the mantra 2x a day? Does that mean you really said the mantra 216 times a day?
    I just posted on Jeanette’s original blog post about this mantra, but I started chanting the mantra this morning. I cannot wait to see what happens. I’d also love to hear other stories about this mantra!

  • Ha! Happy Birthday, Danae!
    I love so much of what you’ve written here! Skipping to whole “I already have it” vibe is brilliant and I LOVE your style!
    Interesting – just yesterday I spoke with a client who found that when she got REALLY desperate, that’s when things manifested. Only when she was at the very end of her rope.
    I think it’s part of her story – you know, her belief system – and that’s why it manifests like that.
    Interesting how different vibes and different beliefs reveal themselves in physical reality.
    Anyway, happy birthday again, Danae! Sending you best birthday wishes for a fabulous new year! 🙂

  • I LOVE this post too! And like everyone else here says – synchronicity as usual – you are really switched on to the zeitgeist Jeannette!
    Debbie – I got an email about the ho’oponopono weekend retreat too! I’d just ADORE going to that (its in Brisbane, May 17)…and I’ve have put it out there for that to happen.
    I’ve found that Need – especially very strong need – for something creates its opposite. Telling the Universe I need a permanent home has created a situation where I might have to move house again! Telling the Universe I need this man to treat me right has resulted in even worse behaviour! Sending out any kind of signal of ‘I want’ or ‘I need’ just results in chaos for me (surely I’m not the only one who witnesses this phenomena!?). If I find myself craving something the first thing I do now is to carry on as if I already have it. Role playing – faking – imagining and telling little white lies…there’s a BIG one I do all the time – when people hear I have five daughters they ask ‘wow – how does your husband feel about that?!’ to which I reply ‘he’s the luckiest guy on earth’ and don’t bother to explain). Do I need a husband? Nope, I have everything I need, right here and now. Do I need anything I don’t have? Not on your life, sister – I already own it!
    thanks again – I’m so glad I came here today *its my birthday and I’m vibing waaaaay out there!

  • Holy hannah, Gillian!! Now that’s my kind of trip!!!
    Wow – you just gave me whole new inspiration to start my chant!
    Thanks for sharing this with us here! (And thanks everyone for strongly encouraging her too!)
    woo hoo!!

  • Gillian says:

    Ok, so this is my experience with Goddess Lakshmi:
    I was about 10 days into reciting the Lakshmi mantra when out of the blue an old friend, whom I had not heard from in 2 years, called me up to invite me to go to Bali with him and his friends. I was so surprised to hear from him after such a long time, I was even more surprised on his insistence that I go along to Bali with him and his friends. All expenses are paid for, I did not have to fork out a cent for this trip!! Well, who was I to refuse such offer? So I accepted the offer and went along with them as the only girl, surrounded by 6 guys. Now that trip really was a trip of pure abundance. We stayed in top luxury villas and I was always given the best and biggest room (no joke!), there was an abundance of fun and beauty and so much good food. Since I was the only girl, they treated me like royalty, carried my bags for me and bent backwards to serve me! I couldn’t help but feeling like a Goddess! Now that was really an eye opener for me!
    I learned, there are benefits of endowment when reciting the Lakshmi mantra which include 10 regal qualities, which is: Food, Royal Power, Mystic Power,Universal Sovereignty, Noble Rank, Holy Lustre, Kingdom, Fortune, Bounteousness and Beauty. So, just 10 days into reciting the Lakshmi mantra, I was already exposed to abundance of every kind: money, luxury, food, beauty, royal treatment (ha ha), and so much fun and happiness, like I have not had in a long time!
    For those wondering, I did not break my 40 day mantra discipline in Bali. I took my mala beads with me and recited the Lakshmi mantra in the morning and at night. Eventhough I have completed my 40 day discipline, I keep on reciting the Lakshmi mantra everyday. Only a person, who has worked with mantras will know how powerful they are. Well, that’s my story with Goddess Lakshmi, I would like to hear yours!

  • I know you’re not alone, JudiesJuice. Times like that I suggest we remember that all we have to do is “get happy” or “feel good” or even “feel better” and Universe takes care of the rest.
    I also didn’t make it 40 days this time around (I think I made it to 3). lol But there’s always tomorrow for starting over! 🙂
    Thanks for posting and for reading, my friend.

  • Judiesjuice says:

    Sometimes I drive myself crazy wondering, aka, worrying, if I am doing LOA “right”. Am I visualizing too much or not enough? Should I say affirmations and give thanks or ask for help? Then I beat myself up when things do not manifest as quickly as I’d like or if I end up manifesting what I didn’t want. How did I let/make that happen?
    However, I have experienced a shift the past day or so. I realized that this- everything- is part of my journey. And, that everything will happen if it’s meant to be. Thinking about it from that perspective takes the edge off, relieves the pressure from my shoulders to somehow make everything happen the way I want, right here, right now.
    Gillian (and others), I would LOVE to hear your stories about the mantras. After reading Jeanette’s blog post, I purchased a mala with the intention of doing the mantra for 40 days. But I haven’t started yet. 🙂

  • Where’s the retreat, Debbie? I’ve been wanting in person training from them on ho’oponopono!

  • Debbie says:

    Great post Jeanette. Synchronicity is amazing. I just received an email from Joe Vitale who offered a weekend retreat with Dr. Hew Len. Dr. Hew Len is a teacher of H’oponopono which is an ancient Hawaiian method of clearing limiting beliefs.
    The process is very simple and you can find information about it in the book they wrote called Zero Limits. Great read. I highly recommend it.

  • Madisen says:

    Yeah, I’d love to hear the Lakshimi mantra stories as well! I always love to hear about other’s manifesting stories!

  • Adrienne says:

    Gillian … Please do share! :-))

  • Gillian says:

    You are welcome Leslie! By the way, talking about mantras. Does anyone have any feedback on reciting the Lakshmi mantra, which was the topic of Jeannettes past blog post? I have completed my 40 days recitation and have some very intersting stories to tell how this mantra worked with me.

  • MSNikki says:

    I so loved the timely article! It is always *amazing* how these last minute miracles come to pass, isn’t it? I have had numerous instances of this happening but can’t really articulate how they came to be! Maybe it isn’t LOA after all but Divine Intervention? The times that these miracles came through were definitely before the LOA movement.It really did feel like an unseen hand was steering me along. People, information, resources magically appeared without too much effort on my part. I was still stressed out during each of those “gates”, ie housing in a non-hood area-gate, working above poverty level-gate, cheating MIA boyfriend-gate,etc and lived to tell and write about it. So, I don’t know the answer to that one.
    Gillian, please share your Lakshimi stories as many folks out there would love to hear them!

  • Mmm, well said, Mary – making peace with what is. And Eckhart and Byron Katie’s work not to mention Abraham are super helpful with that!
    Oooh, and I love the releasing need by turning it over to Universe! ha – great technique, Mary!
    Wonderful ideas and stories of releasing need in action, girlfriend. Thank you!

  • MaryK says:

    For me, it’s getting to the point of making peace with what is that releases my needy vibe and allows a situation or a thing to manifest in my life. Allowing things to be as they are is probably one of the hardest things I’ve had to learn how to do, but it works every time!
    It’s like I get to a point where I say to the Universe (with a bit of exasperation), “Fine! You obviously don’t want me to have the boyfriend, house, job, money, whatever, so I’ll just make the best of what is right now…” And then POOF! That thing I had been so desperately needing or wanting appears, as if by magic! I’ve attracted tons of things like that over the years… now if only it wouldn’t take me so long to get to that point of making peace with things as they are:)
    Another thing that’s along the same lines is when I get to the end of my rope and something is not happening, I throw my hands up in the air and say to the Universe, “Fine! What I’m doing is clearly not working, so You deal with this!!” And again, the money or the job or whatever always seems to appear out of nowhere, as if by magic.
    So for me, releasing the needy vibe and making things happen is all about surrendering control, making peace with the way things are, and turning it over to the Universe.
    Related to the last post on getting your husband back, I’ve done this several times with getting boyfriends back… where I finally accept that it’s over between us, and voila! He decides at that very moment that he can’t live without me and has to be have me back! haha! Love it when that happens:)

  • Wow – mantras to release the need – brilliant, Gillian!
    I’m glad your comment is near the top so hopefully everyone reading this post catches this tip!
    Thanks for sharing great resources here, Gillian. 🙂

  • Leslie Richter says:

    Wow very cool Gillian! Thanks for sharing those resources.

  • Gillian says:

    Hi Jeannette,
    In my experience with LOA and what I have learned so far is that it’ s our subconscious mind that dictates what we think and feel and hence what we experience in life. Vibrations that have accumulated for so many years in our subconscious is what we need to tackle and address in order to turn our lifes around. Visualizing and intending is great, but it works only when we have cleared up and transmuted all those old vibes in ourselves and have successfully rewired our brain and changed our outdated thought pattern. This can be a pretty long process, depending on what a person had to go through in his/her life, because these old vibes and thougth patterns have years of momentum. Anyone who has read Eckhart Tolle’s “A New Earth” will now that we all have a Pain Body, an energy body created through past painful experiences and feelings, that have remained inside us and has not been dissolved and attracts more of the same experiences. The “needy” vibe was one of the vibes that stuck in my subconscious for a long time. The need for things to be different in my life, was such a dominant vibe in me and I am now dissolving this vibe very successfully. The way I dealt with this needy vibe is by reciting mantras. Mantras can change our vibes so powerfully! There are two mantras I am reciting each day, which is “AHAM PREMA (I am divine love) and “OM SHANTI OM” (Peace mantra). Prema is the sanskrit word for divine love and when recited will invoke healing and inner transformation. When you know you are divine love, you simply can not feel needy or anxious. This mantra increases your sense of self love, your confidence and sense of empowerment. The other mantra is to invoke peace in myself, peace with my past and my life and the people around me. And when you are at peace with what is, you quickly dissolve the needy vibe, that has stuck in your subconscious mind for so long. This is how I healed myself from Need, Anxiety and Fear.

  • Are you kidding me, Tima?! So YOU’RE where this one came from!! ha ha
    Glad we’re tuned in to each other. This was a much “needed” topic to be addressed (laughing) – if I can say that! ha
    Thanks for the “remote” inspiration, my friend. 🙂

  • Tima says:

    Oh my gosh. Before I went to bed last night, I said to myself, how nice would it be if Jeannette made a post about releasing need. Seriously wow, yet another sign that the Law of Attraction truly does work.
    Thank you so much! I seriously can’t stress how grateful I am for everything you do. I love your blog!
    Sending happy vibes your way!

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