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Wouldn’t It Be Nice If … Horses!

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After being inspired to play with the “Wouldn’t It Be Nice If …” manifesting technique from Abraham, my guy showed just how easy it is to be a big winner with it.

Also, we have horses!

  • January 28, 2021
  • Timeline Traveller says:

    Thanks 🙂 Congratulations on your manifestations too 🙂 The part of the podcast about using artwork as a manifesting tool also resonated with me a lot, since there have been at least one or two occasions late last year when I’ve used art to manifest things.

    My favourite example of this was when I realised I was running low on my favourite type of notebook, which is out of production. So, I made a piece of (fairly rough/quick) digital art filled with “out of production” things that I like and titled it something like “And They Still Make These”. It, of course, featured giant copy-pasted piles of these notebooks. Afterwards, I just kind of enjoyed the picture and the “Treasure!” feeling of having piles of these notebooks.

    Sometime later (maybe a few days later), I get a sudden inspiration/instinct to search my room for any of these notebooks I might have bought ages ago and forgotten about. At first, I found one or two more of them hiding behind an old pile of DVDs.

    Then, a little while later, I had an instinct to search another part of my room (beneath a pile of old clothes. I knew there were old notebooks there, but I’d previously thought they were all of a different size to the ones I wanted). To my delight, there were 5-6 more notebooks of the exact size and type I wanted there. Literal buried treasure!

  • Kate says:

    These two are such cuties

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