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You Can Tell It Differently

Even conscious creators underestimate the power of story.

When we’re knee deep in a real life problem it’s not unusual to believe that fixing it requires something bigger than a new thought.

(The problem just seems so real. And thoughts seem so … abstract. So ethereal.)

It feels kind of weak when Abraham or another LOA teacher suggest all we have to do is tell it differently.

(If it were that easy, don’t you think we’d have done that a long time ago?!? We need a real solution here, after all!)

And yet, a new story is not only the catalyst for resolving our predicament; the story is also the perpetuator of it. It can’t continue without our continued investment.

That’s the power of stories – they create and transform, they sabotage and support, they morph and mold our realities with every telling.

When we don’t like what we’ve got, conscious creators can turn to the story we tell as our first and most important tool of change.

We have to stop telling it like it is if we expect it to be any different.

Waiting for reality to cue us for a new story makes for a long wait. Because reality awaits our cue – through how we speak and think it into being.

“Tell it different” can seem unsatisfying advice to someone who thinks they’re dealing with a situation trickier to unravel than just rethinking it.

But it really is that simple: our entire reality arises from how we think it.

It always starts there.

We can tell a different story.

Listen at the podcast.

  • January 12, 2022
  • Timeline Traveller says:

    Excellent article 🙂 It’s basically the same thing as what you’ve mentioned, but one of the things I found helpful a few days ago when manifesting a solution to a problem was to look at what I believed about it.

    As soon as I did that, I could spot all sorts of unhelpful beliefs- some of them surprisingly old. Correcting them was surprisingly easy – literally just “telling a new story”. I think I had to ease myself into the story with a few “Ok, but what if…” type of thoughts, but it seemed to do the trick.

  • Patrice says:

    I read this and listened to the podcast. So many things came to mind.

    First, to change our stories, we must be very aware of our thoughts most of the time. Its an arduous process but well worth it. We can write and say our stories but what is on loop in our brain is what will dominate our outer experience. There are times I will “snap out” of a story that my brain is running by default. Its not a good story either.

    I, like you Jeannette, interrupt the story but its my own story.

    That being said, I think Abraham is so right in just telling us to find a way to FEEL GOOD. When we make feeling good our dominate state of being the unwanted things can’t show up, they don’t exist in that vibration.

    I think this is easier to do, again requires some demanding focus and attention at first but well worth the effort.

    Neville talks about the Law of Reversibility in one of his books, (Prayer the Art of Believing)how a thought can cause a feeling but also how a feeing can cause a thought. It’s a great book.

    Regarding climate change. I remember a story either about Florence Shinn or one she told. But as I remember I believe someone asked her if she thought that America would join the second world war and her response was, “Not by any power of that that I give it”. Meaning she wasn’t putting that out there.

    Climate change has been a hot point for decades and only gotten more more virulent in the media so of course we are seeing rapid and devestating changes. We are fed this story 24/7 so literally billions of people are pouring their energy into this story.

    I am not saying there is not climate issue and that we are not polluting this planet. But I will stand on my belief that the issues and pollution are coming from our polluted thoughts. The question is, how do we turn peoples attention away from what is not wanted to what is wanted so that we can focus on turning all of this around?

    I am in solidarity with you knowing the planet and all of its inhabitants are well, loved, nourished, healthy, and above all HAPPY.

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