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You’ll Be Right

There are some things you think that others might not agree with …

… things you think that are on their way to becoming true.

Because that’s what thoughts do. They become things.

You think it enough, that gives it the energy it needs to manifest, and pretty soon you’re proven right.

Which means whatever you think (with gusto), is coming.

So my question is: what would you like to change your mind about while you still can?

Years ago I made a big investment in software to run Good Vibe University. Colleagues told me I didn’t need to spend that much money. They said I could just use a wordpress site with plugins. They said it would work just as well and cost a fraction of the price.

But the experts said otherwise, and I spent the money.

Now every time a colleague experiences a site fail because of a plugin issue, I get to be right about the choice I made.

That’s not a super fun thing to be right about. (Especially when it’s happening to colleagues I love and adore and might even be doing business with.)

But that thought pales in comparison to other thoughts I’d rather not be right about.

Thoughts like:

  • Adding another male cat to the household is going to cause issues.
  • My girlfriend’s negativity is ruining her health.
  • Volunteering as a hospice foster to senior dogs will hinder a carefree lifestyle.
  • My ex-boyfriend just invested in yet another financial scam.

You see where I’m going with this, right?

And I haven’t even touched on some of the political thoughts many of us hold that would not be fun to see come to fruition.

Let’s change our minds while we still can.

Let’s decide that no matter what happens, it’s all good. Let’s decide that things have a way of working out. Over and over again, that’s what things do. They keep working out.

Let’s decide that everyone is doing the best they can and they deserve our appreciation just for being here.

Let’s decide that life just keeps getting better, because we said so.

That’s using our predictive power for good.

Instead of foreseeing problems or insisting that there’s trouble ahead, let’s just be right about how good life is and what a pleasure it is to be here.

That’s what I’d like to be right about.

  • November 1, 2018
  • Namaste says:


    I was thinking about a subject yesterday, remembered this article and realized it was something that I didn’t want to be right about.

    Thanks for that =)

    I didn’t always have the belief that “everything is always working out for me.” A guy I met on Facebook suggested I adopt that belief by finding evidence of it in my own life. I did and that has really helped in situations like the one I experienced yesterday. As soon as I remind myself that “everything is always working out for me” I’m headed downstream and beginning to release the resistance I was focused on.

  • Donna says:

    Jeannette, your blog posts just keep getting better. 🤗

    Love this and practising it…”Let’s decide that things have a way of working out. Over and over again, that’s what things do. They keep working out.” Jeannette Maw

    Enjoy the day!

  • Michael says:

    You had another phrase in an equally rad other post: ‘Hey, I’m getting what I want!’ And that has been a great, overreaching way for me to focus on what I do want vs. ‘being right’ about things I don’t. 🙂

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